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Customer Testimonials

Operating one of New York City's most well-known and exclusive hair salons, it became incredibly important to us to ensure a fresh and chemical-free environment for our valued clientele, hairdressers and staff. At nearly 12,000 sq. ft., we quickly realized that we needed a professional grade air purification solution, which would meet our precise criteria. That is when we contacted FreshAirPro for their expert assessment of our space. They were extremely helpful and quick to meet the challenge. Because we regularly utilize hair dyes/treatments, nail polish and various other products, it was determined that we would need 12 IQAir GC Series air purifiers to address the odors in our vast space and across the 61 stations. Within hours of FreshAirPro setting up the units, we noticed a dramatic difference in our air quality. FreshAirPro even tested our air with a laser scanner, before and after set-up to prove that the units were now producing ‘zero’ particle air for us. From start to finish, FreshAirPro went above and beyond our expectations. We highly recommend them for anyone needing commercial or residential air purification. Thank you
– Pierre Ouaknine, Founder & CEO, Pierre Michel Salon, New York, NY

We have been ordering from for two years now. We are convinced that the IQAir units we’ve invested in are the best air purifying systems on the market. We had researched many air purification systems and were intrigued by IQAir’s systems immediately. When we scheduled an appointment, FreshAirPro demonstrated the system’s attributes and features. We were quite impressed by the quality and performance of the “HealthPro Plus” and knew that this system would benefit those persons on staff who suffered from allergies and who had chronic lung conditions. There is a considerable difference in the air quality now that we have our IQAir air purifiers in place. When replacing filters, we are constantly amazed at how effectively the units capture pollution and dust while ensuring that we have cleanest and most purified air possible. To date we have purchased 8 “IQAir HealthPro Plus” units for our church and offices and enjoy an ongoing relationship with FreshAirPro. Their dependability and level of expertise is second to none. In addition, their customer care is amazing. We typically receive our orders within 2 days of placing it. We consider ourselves fortunate to have discovered as well as an air purification system which works so well.
– Teresa Ash, Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor, Times Square Church, New York, NY

IQAir provides hospital-grade air purification with the ease of touch-panel controls. FreshAirPro consistently delivers outstanding service to ensure that you continue to enjoy such quality of life in your home. We not only highly recommend IQAir products but also entrust FreshAirPro's service in homes throughout our family.
– The Hoover Family, New York, NY

I was always suspicious of the air quality in our home, but it never seemed to be a crucial issue. My wife has had asthma for basically her entire life, but she didn't seem too concerned. Her asthma problems had been stable, so I figured there was no need to worry. Then we found out that we were going to have a baby. With that bit of important news, everything changed. Our home's air quality went from being of mild importance to being in the forefront of my mind. I didn't want my pregnant wife to have to use her inhaler when having an asthma attack, so I literally spent days researching the best air cleaners on the market to determine which one we would be getting. With our new daughter developing in my wife's body, I wanted to make sure the air in our home was as clean as possible. That's why we decided to purchase an IQAir HealthPro Plus. We began to look for an authorized online dealer and we randomly chose FreshAirPro. We later learned that they are a preferred IQAirauthorized dealer. Well, I'm certainly glad I chose FreshAirPro. The customer service has been outstanding. All of my questions were answered to my satisfaction, and I have never had an issue with my machine. In fact, I was pleased enough with my first order that I decided to purchase two additional IQAir units to place in other areas of our home. And not only have my wife's asthma problems completely disappeared, but I can personally smell and even taste the difference in our home's air quality. I've never slept better and wouldn't give up our machines for anything.
– Jeremy Austin, McLean, Virginia

What a phenomenal experience I've had as a customer of FreshAirPro! I've gotten a better air quality education from them than from all my research and all the other dealers combined. Once again thank you so much for your unparalleled expertise and service.
– Jeannie Lockwood, New York, NY

I wanted to thank you for your great customer service. I have purchased replacement HEPA filters from the FreshAirPro website and each time the process was clear and easy to use and the products were delivered in the time frame expected and of great quality. Overall it was a positive experience so I wanted to thank you again.
– Jill Barone, Los Angeles, CA

FreshAirPro helped to improve the quality of air in our office; an expert FreshAirPro team member tested the air quality before recommending the perfect unit to match our needs. The IQAir air purifiers have reduced the number of allergens and dust debris that were causing various health issues. We are extremely impressed with the units because within a short period of time we began to feel and see the results. In addition to this unit being one of the best units we have ever used, FreshAirPro has exceptional customer service. There is always an immediate answer to our questions and expert advice is always available when we need it. IQAir air purifiers have been a great addition for our office environment.
– Jori Quintana, Corporate Office Manager, RM Hospitality (Rosa Mexicano), New York, NY

Due to some very inconsiderate downstairs neighbors, our family found ourselves in an unhealthy situation that required immediate action. FreshAirPro staff quickly assessed our needs, recommended a solution and followed through to effectively neutralize the problem. Their quick, personal and professional service saved us worry, money and hassles -- allowing us to stay in our apartment with the peace of mind that the air we breathe is and will remain healthy.
– Augustus Moore, New York, NY

I had a great experience buying from FreshAirPro. They explained the causes and cures for indoor air pollution, delivered the air purifier for free and tested our apartment for air particles before and after installation. We highly recommend FreshAirPro for your air purification needs.
– Brad Sonnenberg, Queens, NY