IQAir® Atem Car Personal Air Purifier

A Revolutionary car air purification system. The IQAir® Atem Car personal air purifier provides the best solution for the control of in-cabin allergens as well as gas and odor elimination. The IQAir® Atem Car combines two types of media: one which captures airborne particles and one that adsorbs odors and gases. The air in your car contains a cocktail of particles, toxic fumes and gases that are potentially harmful to your health and the health of those you love. The IQAir® Atem Car air purifier and its revolutionary HyperHEPA Plus filtration technology is tested and certified to capture a wide range of in-cabin air pollutants in a sleek, compact housing designed to blend into any vehicle cabin. The IQAir® Atem Car's HyperHEPA Plus filter is effective at capturing particles 100x smaller compared to what ordinary air purifiers can filter. Ultra-fine particles (UFPs) are smaller than 0.1 microns and, by sheer number, comprise about 90% of all airborne particles. Traffic pollution is a primary source of UFPs and when it comes to protecting against UFPs, IQAir® is the proven choice. Research shows that over 275 chemicals can be present inside your car at any given time, many of which are produced by interior materials, which contain toxic chemicals. Researchers have also found that it can take up to 3 years for "new car smell" toxins to drop below thresholds considered safe to breathe.

  • The IQAir® Atem Car air purifier is Swiss designed, German made.
  • Compact Design: H 11.77” x W 11.77” x D 4.05”.
  • Efficient filtration system cleans the air in your car up to 20 times per hour.
  • Powerful, efficient, and ultra-quiet multi-phase fan motor allows quiet, constant operation without losing filtration efficacy.
  • 270° centrifugal fan draws in cabin air through 3-stage particle and gaseous filter for maximum removal of harmful air pollutants.
  • HyperHEPA Plus filter removes up to 99% of particles down to 0.003-Microns from your vehicle cabin, including PM2.5, CO2, and diesel soot as well as common traffic pollutants like SO2 and NOx.
  • 3-armed mount allows you to securely affix Atem to positions throughout your vehicle.
  • Automatic key-in-ignition activation saves you the hassle and distraction of manual control.
  • Power cable has an external USB port to charge your mobile device.
  • Free mobile app allows you to customize the system, view temperature and humidity, filter life, and proximity sensor to save energy.

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    Proven Protection

    Manufacturers of ordinary car air filtration systems claim that their systems filter particles larger than 0.3 microns – some don’t even filter particles at all, relying solely on dangerous negative ionization technology. HyperHEPA Plus filtration in the Atem Car is proven and certified to filter at least 99% of all particles down to 0.003 microns—the smallest that exist—as well as over 275 gases, odors, and chemicals present in the typical vehicle cabin environment.

    The Competition

    Typical car air purifiers use tiny filters (if they even use filters at all) that become saturated with pollutant in mere days, rendering them ineffective quickly. The HyperHEPA Plus particle and gas filter for Atem Car uses IQAir’s patented filtration technology for a 12-month filter life and includes a layer of activated carbon and impregnated alumina for chemicals, gases, and odors. This ensures that you have full protection against traffic pollutants throughout the year – and can save you hundreds of dollars on filter replacement.

    100% Safe Tecnology

    Many car air purifiers use negative ionization technology to charge particles so that they fall out of the air and stick to surfaces – and this covers the inside of your vehicle in a dark, disgusting film of pollutant material that can damage your car interior. Worse yet, charged particles can stick to surfaces in your airways, building up in your lungs and blood vessels and increasing your risk of respiratory conditions like asthma as well as heart disease. 100% HyperHEPA Plus filtration technology relies on simple, proven HyperHEPA fiber materials and activated carbon, which both effectively remove harmful particles and chemicals from the air to keep you and your loved ones 100% safe.

    How It Works

    The IQAir Atem is an incredibly powerful, yet quiet and compact car air purifier. It is able to clean the air in your car up to 20 times per hour and capture a wide range of road and in-vehicle air pollutants.

    Headspace™ Technology

    Global pollution levels from heavy vehicle traffic have reached an alarming level, increasing the risk of cardiac, respiratory, and neurological damage. Atem Car quickly and efficiently distributes clean air to the cabin’s headspace and helps to shield you and your passengers from diesel soot, and gaseous pollutants.

    High-Capacity, Centrifugal Design

    A centrifugal fan at the center of the system draws in cabin air through a combined particle and gaseous filter that wraps 270 degree around the fan for maximum removal of harmful air pollutants from the air. The Atem Car is designed to deliver clean air to where it matters most – the passenger’s breathing zone.

    Smart Features

    Sync your Atem Car with the Atem mobile app to allow you to customize fan speed settings and activate a built-in child lock with just a few taps on your touchscreen. The app also monitors your filter life and uses built-in intelligence to turn the Atem on and off with your car.

    Featured Filter Technology

    1. Wi-Fi Air Purifier: Download the app and a few touches of your phone can change settings, set the child safety lock, turn the unit on and off and more.
    2. Three Fan Speeds: Choose the speed based on your area and air quality. On the lowest fan speed, it pulls less than 1.5 watts.
    3. Quiet Design: Don’t interrupt your work or car ride. At its fastest fan speed, it’s tested at 55 dB, which is similar to quiet conversation. Use the low or medium fan speed for even quieter operation.
    4. Simple Operation: Just tap the front of the Atem to change the fan speed. You can also download the app for control from anywhere.
    5. Filter Monitor: A red light will flash when it’s time to change your filter to keep your air purifier running efficiently and properly.
    6. Swiss design, German made.


    Brand IQAir
    Series IQAir Personal Air Purifiers
    Applications No
    Filter Configuration 1 HEPA filter ((HyperHEPA Plus™)
    Average Filter Life HyperHEPA Plus™ Filter: 1 year
    Features No
    Specifications No
    Includes No
    System Efficiency for Particles 99.97 percent at 0.3 microns
    99.5 percent for 0.003 microns
    Maximum Coverage Area 100 sq ft
    Number of Fan Speeds 3 Speeds
    Air Delivery Speed 37 CFM
    Decibel Levels 20 dB - 44 dB
    Ratings (CADR) N/A
    Maximum Energy Consumption 3.4 Watts
    Standby Energy Consumption 0.5 Watts
    Power Requirements 12-24V DC V
    LCD Control Panel Display No
    Variable Timer No
    Replace Filter Indicator Yes
    Remote Control Yes
    Odor Control Yes
    Smoke Removal Yes
    Mold Spores Removal Yes
    Dust Removal Yes
    Pre-Filter Yes
    Gas/Carbon Filter Yes
    HEPA Filter Yes
    Ozone Emission No
    UV Lamp No
    Total Number of Filter Stages 1
    Pre-Filter Frame Material Pre-Filter
    Gas/Carbon Phase Filter Material Carbon
    Post-Filter Frame Material Atem HyperHEPA Plus filter
    Media: combination of particle filter and gas phase media
    Particle efficiency:≥ 99%
    Surface area: 2.4 ft2 (0.23 m2)
    Post-Filter Sleeve Material N/A
    Housing Material PC-ABS & PC Plastic - multiphase DC fan motor
    Rated Airflow 37 CFM
    Media Area No
    Composite Average Efficiency Particle efficiency:≥ 99%
    Pressure Drop N/A
    Capacity Rating N/A
    Product Dimensions H 11.77” x W 11.77” x D 4.05”
    Net Weight (including filters) 6lbs
    Warranty 3 year


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