IQAir® AirVisual Pro Air Quality Monitor

The IQAir AirVisual Pro Air Quality Monitor is unlike other AQT monitors. It's a highly accurate monitoring system that uses data from inside and outside your home for real-time readings of CO2, humidity, and PM2.5 (particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns). Get real-time information on your air quality so you can handle issues and plan your outdoor activities accordingly.

Visible Data

The 5-inch bright LED screen of the IQAir AirVisual Pro displays real-time information like:

  • PM2.5
  • Protect your lungs health by avoiding spending time outside when levels are high.
  • CO2:
  • High CO2 levels mean you need fresh air. Stagnant air also has less oxygen and contains more bacteria, mold, and other harmful VOC's.
  • Humidity:
  • Overly dry air irritates sinuses as well as skin and can create itchy eyes. Overly humid air fosters growth of mold and dust mites.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Data:
  • Use this information gathered from your home and the nearest official monitoring station.
  • Predicted Air Quality Level:
  • Helps you plan ahead to minimize exposure to outdoor pollutants.
  • Alerts:
  • Sends notifications when air quality is poor and with smart integration, you can control smart home devices.
  • Advice:
  • The AirVisual Pro takes all data and learns from your environment to provide the most productive and cost effective tips.

    Instantly see invisible threats from microscopic PM2.5 particles in the air. Understand where dangers originate, and take control.
    PM2.5 are tiny and dangerous. The microscopic size of these pollutants allows them to penetrate your lung tissue and move directly into your bloodstream. From there, these deadly particles can easily move to every organ in your body, including your brain.
    The AirVisual Pro’s cutting-edge technology empowers you to conveniently monitor your air anywhere, anytime. Be in charge of the air you breathe.

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    Invisible Danger

    With greater air pollution, especially in larger metro areas, PM2.5 levels have become increasingly important. These microscopic particles can penetrate lung tissue, moving directly into your bloodstream, and enter easily into every part of your body. The AirVisual Pro detects particles down to 0.3 microns so you're in charge of the air you breathe.

    Gathering Data

    This professional grade, highly accurate monitoring system uses information from outdoor monitoring stations in your area, so you always know PM2.5 levels, temperature, and humidity outside. The AirVisual Pro displays indoor and outdoor conditions side by side so you can easily compare conditions.

    Stay Informed

    Your free AirVisual app (iOs or Android) includes 72-hour pollution and weather forecasts so you can more easily plan your leisure time. If outside conditions aren't so great, maybe indoor activities are a better choice. If it looks good--take that hike, go on that picnic, or spend the day in the park. Lightweight, the AirVisual Pro is easy to carry anywhere you go so you can stay up to date, no matter where you are.AirVisual Pro gathers and retains readings over time and offers recommendations based on your indoor air to help improve the quality of air in your home or workspace.

    Be Part of the Solution

    Right now, AirVisual offers data for over 10,000 locations world-wide. Simply by registering your AirVisual Pro as a designated public outdoor station, you are joining a global network of people who share your concern for the environment. AirVisual Earth is the first ever 3D air pollution map, creating a stunning display of shifting conditions in real time.


    The IQAir AirVisual Pro Air Quality Monitor not only provides you with accurate real-time information of both indoor and outdoor air quality, but provides a way for you to become part of the solution to the air pollution problem.


    Brand IQAir
    Series No
    Applications Air Quality Monitor
    Filter Configuration N/A
    Average Filter Life N/A
    Features Indoor Temperature
    Outdoor Temperature
    CO2 Levels
    Indoor Humidity
    Outdoor Humidity
    Predicted Air Quality Levels
    Specifications Relative Humidity Range 0-95 RH
    Temperature Range 14-104 F
    Battery and 115 V Power Adapter
    Includes N/A
    System Efficiency for Particles N/A
    Maximum Coverage Area N/A
    Number of Fan Speeds N/A
    Air Delivery Speed N/A
    Decibel Levels N/A
    Ratings (CADR) N/A
    Maximum Energy Consumption N/A
    Standby Energy Consumption N/A
    Power Requirements Battery and 115 V Power Adapter
    Total Number of Filter Stages N/A
    Pre-Filter Frame Material N/A
    Gas/Carbon Phase Filter Material N/A
    Post-Filter Frame Material N/A
    Post-Filter Sleeve Material N/A
    Rated Airflow N/A
    Media Area N/A
    Composite Average Efficiency N/A
    Pressure Drop N/A
    Capacity Rating N/A
    Product Dimensions 3.25 H x 7.25 W x 4 D inches
    Net Weight (including filters) 2lbs
    Warranty 1 Year


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