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  • E-cigarettes still pose health risks

    Many individuals fully realize that cigarettes are bad for personal and public health, and as a result a significant segment of people have made strides to quit smoking. For some, this means relying on devices such as e-cigarettes, which are designed to simulate traditional smoking without many of the harmful chemicals. 

    Unfortunately, a recent study found that e-cigarettes pose their own health risks. Research from RTI International showed that vapors from e-cigarettes contain small particles and chemicals that can make respiratory conditions worse. The problems are particularly significant among teenagers and youths, accelerating asthma and bronchitis, as well as other issues.

    With little to no regulations regarding the use of e-cigarettes, the problem may only get worse before it gets better. 

    "The emerging trend of e-cigarette use is posing public health concerns and new issues for regulatory agencies," said Dr. Jonathan Thornburg, a senior research engineer at RTI. "E-cigarettes produce a significant number of very small particles that impact a teen user's airway viability." 

    Luckily, there are ways for individuals to improve their personal health, at least within their homes. Home air purifiers such as the IQAir GC MultiGas can clear the air of smoke and odors, as well as other chemicals put into the air by all kinds of cigarettes. This could prove extremely beneficial for anyone who want to enhance an indoor space.

  • Smoking still has strong hold on America

    One would think that as studies show more and more dangers associated with smoking, the number of smokers would drop - and perhaps they have. The best result that can be expected, however, is getting a greater number of people to never start in the first place. Still, there are places where more knowledge about the dangers hasn't made as much of a difference to the smokers.

    Secondhand smoke studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency have been a major driving force behind the ban of smoking in public places throughout most of the states in America. In fact, smoking laws have changed greatly in a relatively short period of time. Even with these recent advancements, in states where there are fewer smoking laws, the smokers remain in stronger force.

    The chemical produced by secondhand smoke can be dangerous to those who suffer regular exposure. If you're a smoker and want to protect your family, or you simply worry about the dangers within your home, invest in a medical-grade air purifier. These purifiers can remove up to 99.5 percent of the toxins released by secondhand smoke from the air, allowing your family to breathe healthier.

  • Fight indoor air pollution with a medical-grade air purifier

    It's difficult to argue with the idea that pollution is harmful to both the environment and the people who live in it. In places with high smog levels, citizens are often encouraged to stay indoors and seal their homes up as best they can to reduce their intake of pollutants. Once inside, however, there are a number of indoor pollutants that can cause mild discomfort or severe illness.

    Indoor pollutants are often a result of the fact that, while mild airborne particles are easily dissipated outside, pollutants are much more difficult to disperse inside the sealed-up interior of a home.

    Some of the more obvious sources of these toxins are heating technologies, such as escaped gas, smoke from a wood-burning stove and improperly ventilated fireplaces. Other sources can come from more hard-to-control areas.

    Mold spores from unseen areas inside the walls can cause problems, as can certain kinds of insulation like asbestos, fumes from cleaning products, rotting wood furniture and leftover tobacco smoke from any indoor smokers.

    Combat these indoor pollutants with a medical-grade air purifier like those we sell at FreshAirPro. These purifiers can help eliminate up to 99.5 percent of airborne pollutants and other irritants, keeping those in your home safe from these toxins.

  • When it comes to professional-grade home air filtration, HEPA is tops

    High Efficiency Particulate Air filters, commonly known as HEPA filters, are top performers when it comes to protecting families and workers from indoor air pollutants. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, HEPA filters are the best-rated mechanical air filters able to remove ultrafine particles from the air.

    Air filters are rated according to their effectiveness at removing airborne particles, which is measured by the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). The higher an air filter's MERV rating, the better the unit will perform. HEPA filters have a MERV rating between 17 and 20, the highest available rating.

    At FreshAirPro, we take pride in offering only the best medical-grade home air purifiers, such as the IQAir HealthPro Plus. All IQAir HealthPro Series filters contain the HyperHEPA technology that allows them to deliver superior performance when removing airborne pollutants such as allergens, bacteria, dust, mold spores and other contaminants. They offer 100 percent sealed filtration and are certified ozone-free by the International Association of Air Cleaner Manufacturers (IAACM).

    Keep your home and office free of indoor air pollutants with the IQAir HealthPro Plus home air purifier with HyperHEPA technology.

  • HEPA filters said to deliver visible results

    HEPA filters have recently commanded national attention for their scientifically-tested relationship with improved cardiovascular health, prompting happy customers to testify that their air purifying machines are delivering tangible results.

    "The apartment is perfectly clean and by evening time, if we keep the windows open, there's soot," HEPA user Ruben Giron told CBS New York. "There's a black film that we see within a few hours."

    The black film that Giron and many other customers might see actually contains harmful particles that they would otherwise be breathing every day. Such pollutants can increase heart rate and blood pressure and lead to a number of respiratory ailments.

    Equipping your home with a professional-grade air purifying system is a top-line defense against airborne contaminants.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus beats standard HEPA models with its HyperHEPA filter, which is designed to target particles as small as .003 microns in size, 10 times smaller than those captured by regular HEPA filters. Additionally, the HealthPro Plus is equipped with activated carbon to eliminate harmful gases and odors.

  • Air filters recommended to cure itchy eyes in spring

    Spring is notorious to allergy-sufferers, prompting many of the afflicted to turn to experts to guide them through this uncomfortable phase.

    One Virginia resident asked CNNHealth expert Dr. Jennifer Shu how to best treat itchy eyes, a symptom which is triggered by springtime allergies and which hasn't responded ideally to oral medications.

    "Oral medications can help counteract all of these allergy symptoms, but if you have only itchy eyes, there are some treatments that may help you that won't make you drowsy," Shu replied. "First, try to avoid environmental allergens by keeping the windows of your home and car closed, and consider the use of an air filter."

    Professional-grade air filters, such as those carried by FreshAirPro, are equipped with the leading technology to effectively clear your indoor air from virtually all airborne contaminants.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus combines four advanced filtration techniques to remove over 99 percent of dust, dust mites, gases, odors, smoke, mold, pollen, pet dander and more. Its HyperHEPA filter is the most advanced filter of its class and can remove particles as small as .003 microns in size.

  • How HEPA filters can defend against dangers of wood-burning stoves

    For many Americans, wood-burning stoves may seem like an anomaly, but according to HealthDay News, we may see more of this potentially health-threatening fuel source in the very near future.

    "The importance of residential wood smoke as a source of air pollution is likely to increase due to the rising costs of other fuels," Ryan Allen, who authored a study that examined the effects of HEPA filters on cardiovascular health, said in a news release from the American Thoracic Society.

    According to Allen, HEPA filters are an ideal and inexpensive line of defense against wood-burning stove pollution because of how effective they are at filtering tiny airborne particles, creating a cleaner indoor atmosphere to spend time in.

    Many professional grade air purifying systems come equipped with HEPA filters as well as other advanced filtration technologies that can dramatically improve indoor air quality by tackling more than just pollutants.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus comes with a HyperHEPA filter, the most advanced filter in its class, to effectively filter particles as small as .003 microns in size compared the .03 micron capacity of standard HEPA filters.

  • CDC reports says asthma rates increased in the U.S.

    If you've noticed that breathing issues have been more of a concern as of late, there's reason to back up your observations.

    A new report released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that approximately 8.2 percent of the U.S. population suffered from asthma as of 2009, up from 7.7 percent ni 2005, NPR reports.

    According to the news source, one of the possible reasons behind this increase could be that doctors are getting better at diagnosing the disease.

    Whatever the case may be, asthma-sufferers can benefit from a high-quality air purifying system in their homes. FreshAirPro's trusted brands will provide the best in cutting-edge technology to tackle a variety of airborne contaminants. Most often, this is accomplished using a combination of filtration technologies.

    The IQAir HealthProPlus is the top-rated, best-selling machine on the market. It boasts a HyperHEPA filter, the most advanced filter of its kind. The HyperHEPA is capable of filtering particles as small as .003 microns in size, compared to the .03 micron capacity of most leading filters.

  • Get your mold issues under control with an air filter

    Pesky mold can surface when you least expect it and it's often difficult to get rid of. Anyone who's ever lived in a house that had a bathroom with no fan can attest to this statement.

    Fortunately, the mold-embattled have a second line of defense beyond opening their bathroom windows while they shower, (provided they're lucky enough to have one). Investing in a high-quality air filter or purifying system can provide a solution to your mold issues and have you breathing freely in no time.

    Look to FreshAirPro for the leading brands on the market today, including the top-rated, best-selling IQAir.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus is the number one solution for anyone with a respiratory illness as well as health-conscious individuals. It has four combined filtration technologies that serve to tackle mold as well as dust, pet dander, pollution, gas and smoke, and can target contaminants as small as .003 microns in size thanks to its professional grade HyperHEPA filter.

  • Burning wood may compromise air quality

    Blizzarding skies might make most homeowners want to break out the firewood, but many people may not be aware that a cheerful fire could actually damage the air quality of their homes.

    Air quality officials in the San Francisco Bay Area called for residents to hold off on building fires over Christmas weekend to pre-emptively prevent issuing an air quality alert. Officials declare the alert when smoke is trapped close to the ground, creating air that is harmful to breathe, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

    "This is the time of year when many residents choose to burn wood in their fireplaces, but this creates unhealthy air both inside and outside the home," said Bay Area air quality officer Jack Broadbent.

    According to the news source, wood smoke can impair lung function and worsen existing asthma and respiratory conditions.

    Those who wish to have the best of both worlds, however, can improve the quality of indoor air by investing in a high quality air purifying system. FreshAirPro carries the top-rated, best-selling brands on the market and is equipped with a range of high-end air purifiers that will satisfy every seasonal need.

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