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Vitamin D may not be beneficial for asthma patients, study shows

For years, a prevailing thought among medical experts and patients alike was that vitamin D could positively impact asthma treatment. While the research supporting this claim was spotty, many believed that the vitamin could interact with the immune system in a way that reduces the effect of asthma. However, a recent study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that this is not the case. 

According to the research, adding vitamin D to asthma treatment is only helpful if patients can achieve certain levels of the supplement in the blood. The study maintains that the vitamin alone is not a sufficient treatment of asthma and may not make a major difference for all patients. 

Still, as many as two-thirds of asthma patients have low vitamin D, and individuals with the condition should make sure they are getting a proper amount of the vitamin to reduce the odds of problems, according to Reuters Health. 

Although vitamin D may not be a reliable treatment, there are ways patients can relieve symptoms and improve health. HEPA air purifiers, such as the medical-grade IQAir HealthPro Plus, are frequently used to clear the air of harmful allergens and irritants that may trigger asthmatic reactions.