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Bad allergies can lead to asthma diagnosis

People with bad allergies have enough on their plates each spring. With the forecasts for this season predicting the weather will be especially aggravating for individuals with pollen and similar allergies, these people have to be concerned about their health. However, they may also need to pay attention to the sudden appearance of asthma symptoms. 

According to the Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic, there is a link between allergies and asthma, and this can cause allergies to trigger symptoms of the other respiratory conditions. Because allergies can make individuals extremely sensitive to certain irritants, it leaves them vulnerable to a wide variety of other problems. 

"Last year because the pollen counts were so high and the allergy seasons were bad, many of my allergy patients developed asthma symptoms for the first time," said Dr. Rachel Szekely of the Cleveland Clinic. "So now they have a new diagnosis of asthma." 

As spring and summer begin to heat up, people may be searching for some kind of relief from asthma and allergies. Air filter purifiers might be able to help, as medical-grade devices such as the IQAir HealthPro Plus can clear the air of common allergens and irritants that would otherwise cause major problems for individuals.