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How to exercise with allergies

People dealing with allergies or asthma often face many obstacles when trying to stick to an exercise routine. Even the slightest trace of seasonal allergies can wreak havoc on a schedule, causing individuals to skip over their usual activities in favor of hiding away with home air purifiers. Although devices such as the IQAir HealthPro Plus can certainly make a difference indoors, people do not have to limit themselves to confined spaces just because of allergies. 

According to CNN, anyone eager to get outside can simply embrace a few strategies to avoid respiratory problems. For example, by checking the forecast to determine when pollen count is the lowest, individuals can select the best time to exercise. They can also scope out maps of the surrounding area to find out which spots will likely have the highest concentration of certain allergens. 

Some may even want to switch up their routines based on their health issues. 

"Allergies trigger asthma, making it much more difficult to exercise," Dr. Jay M. Portnoy told CNN. "It's recommended that people with asthma take up swimming as an aerobic activity ... If you're swimming instead of running outdoors, then there's more moisture and warmth so you're less likely to have trouble breathing."