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Wildfires impact air quality

During the spring and summer, most people are more concerned about keeping their allergies in check and planning vacations than worrying about air quality. However, people across the country will have to turn their attention to the possibility of wildfires, as these events can negatively impact air quality and cause problems for individuals with respiratory problems. 

For example, a recent wildfire in New Jersey's Burlington County spread smoke over areas across the state. It even affected cities like New York City and Philadelphia.  This may be a minor inconvenience for some, but it could pose problems for certain people. 

"Sensitive individuals, including the young, elderly and person with respiratory diseases such as asthma, should avoid strenuous outdoor activity," the National Weather Service warned. 

Wildfires can become particularly problematic during the summer, when high temperatures and dry conditions create the perfect environment for blazes. While being a cognizant global citizen can go a long way toward avoiding these issues, other steps, such as purchasing a home air purifier, are also smart. Devices such as the IQAir GC MultiGas are ideal for clearing an indoor space of chemicals, smoke and other forms of pollution.