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Kitchen ventilation is key for lung health

When most people think about their respiratory health, they focus mainly on the air quality of the great outdoors. While concern about heavy traffic and pollution may be warranted, individuals should not overlook the potential irritants in their own homes. 

A study published in PLOS Medicine recently connected lung problems with kitchen ventilation. Poorly ventilated spaces can lead to smoke and odors lingering about, which in turn could result in harmful chemicals sticking around. People who take steps to improve these aspects of their lives reduce the risk of the onset of pulmonary conditions. 

Lung function is also tied to these factors. People may find it is easier to breathe when they aren't inhaling harmful byproducts constantly. 

The research noted that individuals who want to improve the indoor air quality of their home should focus on switching up the cooking fuels they use. They can also check the ventilation of their kitchen space. Even a small change can result in massive improvements, all the while allowing devices like the IQAir GC MultiGas to clear the air of remaining irritants.