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Study shows preterm birth may lead to asthma

Numerous studies have linked environmental and health conditions during pregnancy to issues that develop once the child is born. The latest research, which comes from Brigham and Women's Hospital, found that preterm births, which are classified as any child born before 37 weeks of pregnancy, may be related to an increased risk of asthma and similar wheezing disorders. 

Of the 1.5 million preterm births studied, more than 13 percent of the cases saw the child develop asthma or a related condition. That is significantly more than the 8.3 percent of babies born at term. 

"As asthma is a chronic condition, our findings underscore the need to improve our understanding of the mechanisms underlying the association between preterm birth and asthma/wheezing disorders in order to develop preventive and therapeutic interventions," said Dr. Aziz Sheikh, one of the study's authors.

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