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Study connects asthma and secondhand smoke

Children who are diagnosed with asthma often face a number of obstacles throughout their young lives. Whether it's overcoming challenges associated with playing sports or learning how to avoid certain irritants, they frequently are forced to take extra measures to improve their overall health. One of these steps revolves around avoiding secondhand smoke, as this factor may lead to more hospitalizations of children, a recent study found. 

The study, which was published in the journal Pediatrics, revealed that exposure to secondhand smoke in a home or a car increases the odds of children being admitted to the hospital due to asthma. Children who had been exposed to the smoke were more than twice as likely to require hospitalization than those who had not. 

While the study focused on a year-long period, tracking how often children were readmitted to the hospital in the 12 months following an initial visit, secondhand smoke can cause problems at any point in time. That makes constant care incredibly important. 

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