Electrocorp Air Rhino 2000 HEPA Industrial Air Purifier

Units in the Electrocorp Air Rhino Series are the most versatile, rugged and cost-effective air scrubbers in the industry. Units can be configured for heavy-duty chemical and odor abatement, particle filtration and can be switched on site, making Air Rhino units an excellent machine which can easily covert from heavy chemical and gases filtration to powerful particle purification. Ideal for operations that pose changing air quality challenges as the job progresses.

The Air Rhino’s filtration system includes an effective pre-filter for coarse dust (which extends the life of the HEPA filter) and one of best HEPA filters available. This ‘super-HEPA’ filter is 12 inches deep, and made of true medical-grade woven HEPA fiber that removes 99.97% the allergy, asthma, & respiratory illness-causing toxic fine dust particles, as well as warehouse dust, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, smoke, pollen, mold spores, that are present in many industrial and commercial work sites, buildings and rooms, preventing illness and reducing liabilities.

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Electrocorp’s Air Rhino is the most versatile air filtration system of its kind, with a small ecological footprint.

This innovative machine has interchangeable carbon and HEPA filters, so it can easily convert from a rugged chemical, gas and odor scrubber to a powerful particulate air cleaner right on site.

The Air Rhino is capable of creating a negative air environment, and it is equipped with an industrious deep-bed carbon filter and extended filter depth, which leads to a longer dwell time for contaminated air and allows for quicker and more thorough adsorption of gaseous pollutants.

The Air Rhino also features an advanced medical-grade HEPA filter to trap 99.97% of particles, and can accommodate an ultraviolet light to remove bacteria and other airborne pathogens.

The operator-friendly air purification system comes with particle pre-filters to prevent clogging as well as a pressure switch that tells you when the filters are saturated.

The meticulous air scrubber can be used in stationary applications for long-term air cleaning, or on job sites for remediation projects and environmental clean-ups.

A lot of industrial or commercial dust collection or air scrubber systems are expensive, with some ranging from $5000-$10,000 or higher. And most of these units are fixed in place, with no wheels to move them around from room to room, so you can’t move the unit for if you need dust control in different areas. Plus, they’re pretty limited, don’t have many options for different applications, no negative or positive air capability, no HVAC connections, etc.

The Air Rhino 2000 HEPA is one of Electrocorp’s best-selling portable commercial air cleaner units, and one of the best industrial dust collector deals on the market because it’s well-made, provides industrial-grade air purification power, and saves you money by offering a lot of options--all in ONE unit!

This amazing air cleaner provides effective dust and particle removal, 3” locking commercial-grade locking wheels that allow you to move the air cleaner to whatever room or site where dust collection is needed, positive and negative air capability, HVAC connection capability, ceiling mounting brackets to save space, and you have up to 1000 cubic feet of air flow per minute, giving you serious, affordable, industrial air quality control, mobility, and lots of options—all in one powerful, portable commercial air cleaner.

To provide air filtration for every room in a building, the Air Rhino can easily be installed in-line with the HVAC system with an optional flange on both ends. And, if you need to save floor space, the Air Rhino 2000 can be hung from the ceiling (see ceiling mount option below).

Or, if you need dust and particle control at other buildings, construction or other work sites, load it up in the truck for easy portable air scrubbing. The Air Rhino 2000 VS HEPA air cleaner is also positive and negative air capable, which is not possible with most commercial dust collectors or air filtration systems. Just add one or two of the flanges listed in the options below, attach your duct tubing, and you’re ready to go! Or attach duct tubing and use the Air Rhino as a source capture unit!

If you’re looking for an affordable industrial air cleaner to remove dust, improve air quality, protect your employees’ health, increase productivity, reduce liability, and possibly even a new source of revenue (renting the unit), The Air Rhino 2000 HEPA air purifier is your best bet.


Brand Electrocorp
Series Electrocorp Air Rhino Series
Applications Flexible, cost-effective system designed for Restoration, Renovation and Indoor Construction
Filter Configuration 24"x24"x11.5" Medical Grade Pleated HEPA Filter, 1" Pre-filter, 1". Dust Filter
Average Filter Life Varies
Features Flexible, cost-effective system designed for Restoration, Renovation and Indoor Construction

Specifications * 2 speed motor blower, 1000 CFM purifying power
* 4 Handles and 4 industrial wheels - (2 swivel, 2 straight).
* Easy to maneuver
* Dimensions: 261/2" x 261/2" x 37"
* 18 gauge, polished galvanized steel body for durability
* Industrial ball bearing wheels
* DOP tested
* 12" hose attachment for Negative Air
* Filters for chemical gases and odors
Includes 8ft powercord
System Efficiency for Particles HEPA is certified to remove 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger.
Maximum Coverage Area 1000 sq ft
Number of Fan Speeds Variable
Air Delivery Speed 1000 CFM delivered
Decibel Levels 55-75dBA
Ratings (CADR) N/A
Maximum Energy Consumption 8.9 / 4.5 Amps
Standby Energy Consumption N/A
Power Requirements 115/60 Hz or 230/ 60Hz
LCD Control Panel Display No
Variable Timer No
Replace Filter Indicator No
Remote Control No
Odor Control No
Smoke Removal No
Mold Spores Removal Yes
Dust Removal Yes
Pre-Filter Yes
Gas/Carbon Filter No
HEPA Filter Yes
Ozone Emission No
UV Lamp No
Total Number of Filter Stages 3
Pre-Filter Frame Material 1" Pre-filter, 1". Dust Filter
Gas/Carbon Phase Filter Material No
Post-Filter Frame Material 24"x24"x11.5" Medical Grade Pleated HEPA Filter,
Post-Filter Sleeve Material No
Housing Material Galvanized Steel
Rated Airflow 1000 CFM delivered
Media Area N/A
Composite Average Efficiency N/A
Pressure Drop N/A
Capacity Rating N/A
Product Dimensions 26 x 26 x 37 inches
Net Weight (including filters) 165 Lbs
Warranty 1 Year


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