Electrocorp Air Rhino 2000 Carbon Industrial Air Scrubber

Units in the Electrocorp Air Rhino Series are the most versatile, rugged and cost-effective air scrubbers in the industry. Units can be configured for heavy-duty chemical and odor abatement, particle filtration and can be switched on site, making Air Rhino units an excellent machine which can easily covert from heavy chemical and gases filtration to powerful particle purification. Ideal for operations that pose changing air quality challenges as the job progresses.

The Electrocorp Air Rhino Carbon Air Scrubber focuses on powerful fume extraction, positive & negative air and are HVAC & ceiling mountable. This system contains 100lbs of activated carbon and pre-filter. It’s the best model for the control of VOCs and other noxious gasses. Perfect for welding applications, soldering, laser, mercury vapor collection, etc. If you’re running any kind of industrial or commercial business where fumes, gases, VOC’s and other vapors are a problem, having the right fume collection system can mean the difference between high-productivity and profits…or low-production, allergies & other health problems for you and your employees, OSHA complaints, fines, lawsuits, and more.

The Air Rhino 2000 Carbon comes standard with a powerful 3-stage filtration system consisting of a pre-filter, a dust filter, and a 100lb Vocarb carbon filter. This amazing filter stage is designed to collect & remove the toughest fumes, which can be encountered in many commercial and manufacturing settings and when dealing with chemicals & vapors such as hydrogen sulfide gas, benzene, formaldehyde, sulfuric acid gas, smoke, methane, mercury vapor, and many others. The dust filter and pre-filter not only remove larger particles and protect the unit, but also extend the life of the carbon filter.

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The Air Rhino also features a full 1000 cubic feet per minute of air filtration output, which means that the Air Rhino can handle large industrial or commercial spaces and filter all of the air in a matter of minutes, giving you the required number of clean air changes required by OSHA.

Need positive or negative air capability? Simply hook up the appropriate flanges and duct tubing and you’re ready to clear out polluted air or bring in fresh air—fast. If you need to capture fumes at the source, direct the intake end of the duct tubing to where the fumes are being released.

Need to preserve floor space? The Air Rhino 2000 can be mounted from the ceiling with a optional mounting kit. And if you need to extract fumes from all of the air in an entire building or warehouse, simply mount the Air Rhino in-line with your HVAC or air conditioner system. The Air Rhino 2000 VS Carbon air cleaner literally does it all. And with a full 100lbs of carbon, not only will the Air Rhino do a better job of collecting fumes, but the filter will last much longer than many other fume extractors.

If you’re looking for a powerful, affordable industrial-strength fume extraction system to collect & remove fumes & gases, improve air quality, protect your employees’ health, increase productivity, reduce liability—and maybe even a new source of revenue, The Air Rhino 2000 Carbon Fume Extractor is the perfect choice.


Brand Electrocorp
Series Electrocorp Air Rhino Series
Applications Flexible, cost-effective system designed for Restoration, Renovation and Indoor Construction
Filter Configuration 100 Lbs. Industrial Carbon Filter, 1" Pre-Filter, 1" Dust Filter
Average Filter Life Varies
Features Flexible, cost-effective system designed for Restoration, Renovation and Indoor Construction

Specifications * 2 speed motor blower, 1000 CFM purifying power
* 4 Handles and 4 industrial wheels - (2 swivel, 2 straight).
* Easy to maneuver
* Dimensions: 261/2" x 261/2" x 37"
* 18 gauge, polished galvanized steel body for durability
* Industrial ball bearing wheels
* DOP tested
* 12" hose attachment for Negative Air
* Filters for chemical gases and odors
Includes 8ft powercord
System Efficiency for Particles 100 Lbs. Industrial Carbon Filter, 1" Pre-Filter, 1" Dust Filter
Maximum Coverage Area 1000 sq ft
Number of Fan Speeds Variable
Air Delivery Speed 1000 CFM delivered
Decibel Levels 55-75dBA
Ratings (CADR) N/A
Maximum Energy Consumption 8.9 / 4.5 Amps
Standby Energy Consumption N/A
Power Requirements 115/60 Hz or 230/ 60Hz
LCD Control Panel Display No
Variable Timer No
Replace Filter Indicator No
Remote Control No
Odor Control Yes
Smoke Removal Yes
Mold Spores Removal Yes
Dust Removal Yes
Pre-Filter Yes
Gas/Carbon Filter Yes
HEPA Filter No
Ozone Emission No
UV Lamp No
Total Number of Filter Stages 3
Pre-Filter Frame Material 1" Pre-filter, 1". Dust Filter
Gas/Carbon Phase Filter Material No
Post-Filter Frame Material 100 Lbs. Industrial Carbon Filter
Post-Filter Sleeve Material No
Housing Material Galvanized Steel
Rated Airflow 1000 CFM delivered
Media Area N/A
Composite Average Efficiency N/A
Pressure Drop N/A
Capacity Rating N/A
Product Dimensions 26 x 26 x 37 inches
Net Weight (including filters) 250 Lbs
Warranty 1 Year


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