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Today, at 480,000 square feet, Austin Air has the largest air cleaner manufacturing facility in the world, producing everything in house from filters, to the metal forming, to the final paint. Austin Air is extremely proud that their two flagship models, the Austin Air Bedroom Machine™ and also the Austin Air Healthmate+™ purifier are the air purifiers of choice by leading doctors throughout the United States and many other parts of the world. In fact, there is hardly a country in the world today, where an Austin Air cleaner is not hard at work cleaning the air in someone’s home.

The Austin Air Bedroom Machine™ is Austin's most impressive air purifier to date and is specifically designed for those individuals who desire a better quality of sleep. It also performs extremely well in controlling dust and other particulate matter as well as adsorbing a wide array of molecular pollutants. The Austin Air Bedroom Machine™ uses 60 sq. ft. of medical-grade HEPA and is certified to remove 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger. The Bedroom Machine™ also contains 15 lbs. of Austin Air's Proprietary Carbon Blend for the adsorption of odors, gasses, and chemicals. The Bedroom Machine™ stands 23” tall and 14.5” wide. Comes with wheels for easy portability. Ideal for spaced up to 750 sq. ft in size.

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About Austin Air, Inc.

Today, at 480,000 square feet Austin Air® has the largest air cleaner manufacturing facility in the world, producing everything in house from filters, to metal formings, to the final paint. Austin Air® is extremely proud that their flagship model, the Healthmate+ is the air cleaner of choice by leading doctors throughout the United States and many other parts of the world. As a matter of fact, there is hardly a country in the world today, where an Austin Air® cleaner is not hard at work cleaning the air in someone’s home.

Integrity in Construction

Innovative Filter Design, All Steel Construction... Nothing But Pure Air

Austin Air® produces all of its products with solid steel construction and non-toxic powder coated paint for strength, reliability and longevity.

The Filter

Austin Air® incorporates the only trusted air filtering technology used in hospitals and operating rooms. For a filter to be effective, gases and sub-micron particles must be removed from the air. That’s why you’ll find True Medical Grade HEPA filter and Activated Carbon in every Austin Air® machine.


The true HEPA filter was developed by the Atomic Energy Commission specifically to protect the Human Respiratory System (nose, mouth, throat, lungs) from radioactive dust particles. Austin Air® takes it a step further, incorporating True Medical Grade HEPA with 99.97% efficiency down to 0.3 microns and 95% efficiency down to 0.1 microns. True Medical Grade HEPA is the most efficient particulate filtering media on the market.


Designed with the Chemically Sensitive in Mind

All of Austin Air's filters have metal endcaps. While many of Austin Air's competitors use paper and cardboard in their filters, Austin purifiers use only the finest materials with the chemically sensitive in mind.

3 Layers of Revolutionary Protection

  1. The pre-filter (Permafilt™) traps larger particles such as dirt, lint & hair.
  2. 15 lbs. of carbon & zeolite mix absorbs odors & gases - with a 'Miracle Inch' of complete protection.
  3. True medical HEPA filter paper removes harmful airborne particles.

The Healthmate Plus™ filter removes over 3000 odors and gasses along with 99.97% of all airborne particulate matter measuring 0.3 microns or larger.

It's what makes Austin Air purifiers the best in the world. Other air cleaners employ granulated carbon to absorb noxious odors and chemicals. But only Austin Air's HealthMate™ and HealthMate+™ offer the Miracle Inch of protection. This inch-thick barrier of carbon & zeolite mix acts like a sponge, scrubbing these hazardous gases from the air before they reach the HEPA paper. No other air cleaner has it and nothing less will do.

True Medical HEPA Filter Technology

Austin Air® uses True Medical HEPA filter paper. Some manufacturers have it, some don't, but none have nearly as much of it as an Austin Air® purifier. That means more cleaning power against airborne particles and healthier air for you and your family.

Designed From The Inside Out

Austin Air Design

The engineers at Austin Air concentrated on developing the most critical component of the air purifier first; the filter. Their 360-degree intake system draws air into all sides of the air purifier, maximizing efficiency and delivering more clean air faster. Every minute, 250 cubic feet of air is processed by a 4-stage filter that progressively removes contaminants out of the air.

This Process Enables Austin Air Purifiers To:

  • Achieve the highest levels of performance.
  • Attain superior air flow rates.
  • Sustain a longer filter life (5-years under normal residential use).
  • Increase the life expectantly of the Medical Grade HEPA filter, the most critical media in the filtration process.

The US Government chooses Austin Air Purifiers

Austin Air purifiers are the choice of the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Red Cross, and the NYC victims of 9/11. Austin Air purifiers use military carbon cloth (the same kind used in bio/chem suits) and activated carbon to adsorb hundreds of harmful gases and vapors. The Austin Air cleaner removes 99.97% of harmful particles, including dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, other allergens, and even anthrax spores.

We Couldn’t Have Said It Better

Most people find their Austin Air cleaner amazing. The most successful marketing we can do for Austin Air products is letting you know what top allergists and our customers are saying.

"My wife and I enjoy the whisper quiet operation. Her trips to the hospital for sinus headaches have decreased dramatically since using the Austin HealthMateTM."
– Dr. R.Y., Chandler, AZ

"Just ordered a HealthMate JrTM and it’s absolutely fabulous. I just can’t believe how good it feels. I am a singer and I am very careful about my "mucus". The unit just makes me feel wonderful."
– DV, Internet

"I found the Austin HealthMate™ to be far superior to all other portable purifiers in my treatment of patients with multiple chemical sensitivities."
– Dr. W.G.L. Chester, Nova Scotia

"I have an Austin Air cleaner both in my home and in my office. I must say, I am totally thrilled with its performance."
– Dr. Y.D., Brooklyn, NY