Airgle® PurePal® AG500 Air Purifier

The Airgle® PurePal® AG500 offers enhanced technology for particle, chemical, odor and microbe filtration, powered by 38 sq ft of HEPAfast media and 2.2 lbs of premium grade and enhanced blend carbon. In an independent test performed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), the PurePal® Plus AG500 achieved CADR ratings which are among the highest in the industry. Tobacco Smoke = 438 Pollen > 450 Dust > 400

Airgle® has been a leader in high-end, medical-grade air purification systems since 1999. They have mastered the art and science of air filtration by perfecting cutting-edge design coupled with high filtration performance for an exceptionally effective and efficient machine. As an industry pioneer, Airgle® offers unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship to keep you and your family breathing better for the ultimate peace of mind.

The Airgle® PurePal® series is Airgle’s newest and most advanced systems to date. These professional grade units address everything from particle filtration, molecular control to even microbiological control.

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How the Airgle® PurePal® Plus AG500 Works

HEPAfast Technology - Airgle® is proud to offer a breakthrough in HEPA technology. Their proprietary HEPAfast filter is specifically designed for airborne particulate control. The HEPAfast filter possesses 38 sq ft of premium HEPAfast media which minimizes pressure drop and operates with remarkably high efficiency, meaning that air gets up to 40% cleaner than with typical HEPA technology. Airgle’s HEPAfast filter removes harmful particles such as dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, mold spores, smog, pet dander and other irritating allergens faster than ever.

Premium Carbon Technology - The carbon stage in the Airgle® PurePal® AG500 helps control a wide spectrum of molecular pollutants. It also eliminates potentially harmful and unpleasant household odors. Just 1lb of activated carbon of Airgle’s premium carbon blend has the surface area equal to about 125 acres. The Airgle® PurePal® AG500 uses 2.2 lbs of this unique blend in each system, providing for a large area of coverage.

Professional-Grade Performance & Construction

Powerful Airflow - The Airgle® PurePal® systems are up to six times more powerful than typical air purifiers. In fact, Airgle® air purifiers deliver up to 462 rated CFM, the most potent airflow rating known in residential air purifiers. For deep and effective cleaning, air purifiers should have enough capacity to clean a room at least 4-5 times each hour. With an Airgle® system, you can achieve a greater number of cycles per hour with greater ease.

System Efficiency - The Airgle® PurePal® systems feature unique, 100% pressure sealed technology with no air bypass. This means that no particulates, bioburdens, or VOCs can escape from Airgle's advanced systems. The highest reading an air purifier can ever achieve on a particle counter test is a "0" (zero) - and Airgle® has done it.

Highest CADR Rating - AHAM (the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) is the most reliable source of unbiased information for air purifier consumers. The PurePal systems are AHAM certified in all performance measures that are recognized by the EPA, the Federal Trade Commission, and the American Lung Association.

Precision Engineering - Designed and created by the Airgle® team in New York, each PurePal® air purifier is an example of US precision engineering. Every unit is carefully crafted, quality checked for your satisfaction and features a bold design that looks great in any home or office. Airgle® is committed to using only the finest components available in their systems.

Air Quality Monitoring - Select the Auto mode and the sensors take over, telling your Airgle® unit what the pollution level is in your space. Your unit will automatically adjust to the optimum fan speed needed for air purification in the room. With Airgle's monitoring system and auto setting options, you'll never have to worry about your air purifier, but it'll keep taking care of you.

Metal Frame Housing - All Airgle® PurePal® systems feature a beautiful aluminum housing. Stronger than plastic, lighter than steel, these housings offer the ultimate in durability and stability. Visually elegant and sophisticated, Airgle's design adapts beautifully to any room in your home or place of business.

Ultra-Quiet Design - Enjoy noise-free operation with the Airgle® PurePal® system's ultra-quiet motor technologies. Whisper-quiet for your bedroom or office, Airgle's air purifiers register a very low 33 dB while continuously cleaning your air.

Energy Saving - Airgle® is proud that its systems have earned the Energy Star rating for low power consumption. The standby power for all Airgle® PurePal® systems uses a mere 0.5 watt: 75% lower than the Energy Star rating requires. Want to save even more power when you're going to bed at night? Press and hold the Auto button to turn off the screen.

Ozone-Free Technology - Airgle® PurePal® air purifiers are considered some of the safest air purification products on the market today and also do not emit toxic ozone or ionization of any kind. See for yourself how nice it will be to breathe easier, live better while enjoying the cleanest air possible.

5 Year Warranty - Because Airgle® stands behind everything they build, they extend the best warranty in the business - a solid 5-year warranty for the Airgle® PurePal® series.


Brand Airgle
Series Airgle PurePal Series
Applications Allergen Control
* Mold spore control
* Pet dander control (cat, dog, etc.)
* House dust mite allergen control
* Pollen control
Light Odor Control
* Pet odors
* Musty odors
* Cooking odors
* Paint odors
Light Molecular Control
* Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Control
* Molecular (gaseous chemical) Control
Complex Air Pollution Control
* General Indoor Air Pollution Control
* Tobacco smoke control
* Wild-fire smoke control
* Granular Activated Carbon Absorption
* Microbiological control
Filter Configuration 1 Gas & Odor Carbon Filter Stage - 2.2 lbs enhanced carbon for removing smoke, gas and odors.

1 HEPAfast Filter Stage - 38 sq ft of premium HEPAfast media captures small particles such as household dust, dust mites, pollen, dander, smog, mold, tobacco smoke ash and other airborne pollutants.
Average Filter Life Gas & Odor Carbon Filter Stage - 12-16 months
HEPAfast Filter Stage - 12-16 months
Features *Ideal for large rooms 679 square feet
*Sealed tech with no air bypass
*Powerful deep cleaning with rated airflow of 445 CFM
*Ultra-quiet motor technology
*Aluminum housing
*Easy-to-replace filters
*Handy remote control
*Ozone-free technology
*Energy Star qualified
*AHAM Certified CADR: Tobacco Smoke = 438 Pollen > 450 Dust > 400
*Certification: AHAM Certified, Energy Star Certified and ETL Listed
*Solid five year warranty
Specifications 1000 CFM, 1500 RPM centrifugal, backward curved
Includes The Airgle® PurePal® AG500 comes complete with filters, user manual, set of 4 casters, 6.5 foot power cord and remote control.
System Efficiency for Particles 99.97 percent at 0.3 microns
Maximum Coverage Area 679 sq ft
Number of Fan Speeds 5 Speeds
Air Delivery Speed Speed 1 - 81 cfm
Speed 2 - 118 cfm
Speed 3 - 159 cfm
Speed 4 - 195 cfm
Speed 5 - 445 cfm
Decibel Levels Speed 1 - 33 dB
Speed 2 - 36 dB
Speed 3 - 42 dB
Speed 4 - 47 dB
Speed 5 - 68 dB
Ratings (CADR) Tobacco Smoke = 438 Pollen > 450 Dust > 400
Maximum Energy Consumption Speed 1 - 48 Watts
Speed 2 - 65 Watts
Speed 3 - 83 Watts
Speed 4 - 102 Watts
Speed 5 - 194 Watts
Standby Energy Consumption 0.5 watt
Power Requirements 120 V, 194 Watts, 60 Hz. All electrical components are UL certified.
LCD Control Panel Display Yes
Variable Timer Yes
Replace Filter Indicator Yes
Remote Control Yes
Odor Control Yes
Smoke Removal Yes
Mold Spores Removal Yes
Dust Removal Yes
Pre-Filter Yes
Gas/Carbon Filter Yes
HEPA Filter Yes
Ozone Emission No
UV Lamp Yes
Total Number of Filter Stages 3
Pre-Filter Frame Material Rear Grill of system acts as the pre-filter.
Gas/Carbon Phase Filter Material Aluminum filter frame filled with 2.2 lbs of enhanced carbon for removing smoke, gas and odors and other molecular toxins.
Post-Filter Frame Material Airgle's HEPAfast filtration provides superior removal of airborne particles. Certified to filter ultra-fine particles down to 0.3 microns and with an efficiency rating of over 99.97%, Airgle's systems deliver exceptional performance. The Airgle® PurePal® has the highest Clean Air Delivery Rates in the industry for removing smoke, pollen, and dust.
Post-Filter Sleeve Material No
Housing Material High-Grade Aluminium Frame
Rated Airflow No
Media Area No
Composite Average Efficiency No
Pressure Drop No
Capacity Rating No
Product Dimensions 17.7" x 18.0" x 25.0"
Net Weight (including filters) 57 lbs
Warranty 5 years on unit including fan motor, excluding filters.


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