Royal-Pedic mattresses and box springs are truly the last word in high-end, luxury bedding. The fact that they are also completely organic makes them truly unmatched and the healthy choice. Hand-crafted and using only the finest natural materials, Royal-Pedic mattresses are simply the best available regardless of cost.

Royal-Pedic (California King) Organic Cotton Mattress with Wool Wrap and Box Spring Set

Royal-Pedic Mattresses

The Healthy Mattress

Introducing Royal-Pedic

History & Overview

Royal-Pedic Company History

The founder of Royal-Pedic, Abe Kaplan learned and mastered high-end mattress making during the 1930′s through the middle 1940′s at the prestigious Heals of London, a 300-year-old manufacturer of mattresses of England’s Royal Family and other dignitaries. In 1946, Kaplan set out for America in search of a region suited for high-end, exquisite quality and handcrafted mattresses. Shortly after settling in Los Angeles, Kaplan’s mattress business began to blossom.

Royal-Pedic mattresses are the premier choice for many Los Angeles based interior design firms. Most notably, the team of architect Paul Williams and interior designer, Marti Brent, whose clients included many of Hollywood’s most recognizable film actors and actresses. For over six decades Royal-Pedic has manufactured mattresses for innumerable clients, including an endless list of film celebrities and six U.S. presidents, including Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy, who insisted on Royal-Pedic mattresses wherever he traveled.

In 1984, Royal-Pedic was purchased by the Kelemen family, who to this day, diligently continue the tradition of high standards of hand crafted quality and use of the finest natural organic materials in mattress making. In addition, Royal-Pedic has expanded its offering of mattresses to include natural latex mattresses, pillowtop mattresses, pillowtop pads and organic cotton mattresses so that customers may have a variety of comfort levels, preferences and options to choose from.

Ronald Reagan’s favorite was a custom sized ( 84″ x 84″) which has since been requested by many. However, the largest mattress Royal-Pedic ever crafted was for the legendary basketball star, Wilt Chamberlain. It was a Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattress and was 10′ wide x 10′ long! It took 8 men to deliver the mattress to his home and fortunately it fit through his custom-sized front double doors.

Royal-Pedic’s on going commitment to its customers assures them of absolutely the finest mattresses they can own regardless of price.

Royal-Pedic Prganic Cotton Mattress


Royal-Pedic Craftsmanship

Royal Pedic has been dedicated to promoting healthful sleep for over 60 years. Through combining the finest natural and hypoallergenic materials from around the world, with expert hand craftsmanship, our mattresses have comforted film celebrities, Presidents of the United States, royalty and sports superstars. Not because of who they are, but because of what they need - a restful, reenergizing, truly good nights sleep so they can feel fully rested and perform at their best.

Royal-Pedic utilizes the most premium natural and organic ingredients imaginable - elegant Belgian cotton fabrics, untreated wool from the south of France, natural latex manufactured in England and pristine long fiber cotton grown in the USA.

Royal-Pedic Natural Cotton

The Finest Long Staple Organic Cotton Grown in the United States & Belgium

Layers of premium quality, staple organic cotton padding ensure a consistent, supportive sleeping surface. Royal-Pedic’s cotton is pre-compressed and hand-tufted so you won’t get lumps or shifting of materials. They use only the finest organic cotton batting from the US and Belgium. Royal-Pedic’s organic cotton is of the highest grade, normally used only in custom made, high-end upholstered furniture. They use longer organic cotton fibers blended together to make layers for their mattresses insures a consistent, supportive sleeping surface. By using only the purest organic cotton available in the world, Royal-Pedic achieves one of the most comfortable and natural mattresses on the planet.

Royal-Pedic Hand Tufting

Hand Tufting

The inner padding of Royal-Pedic’s mattresses are hand tufted which compresses a mattress and yields exceptional orthopedic back support and minimizes body impression. Hand tufting is a process that Royal-Pedic’s company founder, Abe Kaplan learned back in the 1930′s while working for Heals of London. It takes a Royal-Pedic skilled craftsman much longer to make one of their custom made, hand tufted mattresses. However, quality has always been infinitely more important than how many mattresses can be made in a day.

Most other mattress brands are not tufted. The padding materials in these “generic construction” mattresses are merely secured to the perimeter edges of the mattress. The advantage of tufting is less body impressions in the mattress because the padding is pre-compressed with the tufting straps, rather than just resting on the surface.

Royal-Pedic Sewing


Royal-Pedic uses state-of the-art sewing machinery to ensure that the sewing of their mattresses is done with exact precision for comfort and durability. Meticulously sewing the binding tape onto the edge of the mattress is just one example of the degree of care that Royal-Pedic undertakes. They build their mattresses for customers with the same care as though they were crafting them for themselves.

Royal-Pedic Boxspring

Box Spring

Royal-Pedic Box Springs are the most comfortable and durable available. Royal-Pedic provides 50% more coils in the center-third of their box spring for extra support where it’s needed the most (about 60% of one’s body weight is located in the torso area). The springs are an extra durable 8 3/4″ gauge thickness of wire compared to the average 9 1/2″ to 10″ gauge wire used by others. Consequently, Royal-Pedic box spring units last for many, many years. The coils are double heat tempered to resist sagging and provide more, lasting durability. Double heat tempering is when the coils are baked in an oven, cooled down and then baked in the oven again causing them to strengthen further. The number of coils Royal-Pedic uses in one of their box spring units is 22% more than the industry standard. This higher coil count results in more coils that are closer together, providing additional support and prevents lumps from developing. The foundation that Royal-Pedic uses to mount their coil springs is an extra wide slat version to provide more support and stability for the coil to rest on - this is the same width of slat that is required for 5-Star hotels for the assurance of superior durability and comfort. Royal-Pedic uses a wire system called the Webster Lock Grid System to keep the coils in place. Steel wire is woven throughout the tops of the coils to secure the coil in place, which eliminates the possibility of any lateral movement.

Latex Rubber Tree

Natural Latex from Sustainable Rubber Tree Plantations in Indonesia & Malaysia

Royal-Pedic’s latex is harvested by tapping into the rubber tree in much the same way as maple syrup is derived from a maple tree. All natural latex liquid is harvested and undergoes four rinsing processes to eliminate rubber odors.  The all-natural latex cores are produced in accordance with the strict Oeko-Tek European environmental standards.  Latex is dust-mite repellent, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial. Natural materials ventilate body heat and provide greater durability than polyurethane foam - the main padding ingredient found in other mattress brands. Royal-Pedic does not use polyurethane due to its limited ability to provide consistent body support over time – the foam cells weaken and collapse with use, causing significant indentations in the mattress in many cases, which affects overall back support and comfort. For health and wellness reasons, Royal-Pedic chooses to use natural and organic materials instead of polyurethane foam which can trigger allergic, respiratory and chemical reactions in some individuals.

Royal-Pedic Wool

Untreated Lamb’s Wool from France

The lamb’s wool which Royal-Pedic uses is of the highest quality and provides a comforting natural fiber layer quilted underneath the cotton mattress covering.  The lamb’s wool contains lanolin — a natural dust-mite repellent.  The sheep live in wide-open spaces, rather than being restricted to small spaces.  The wool is cleaned in a soap-based, chemical free solution yielding the purest wool possible.

Royal-Pedic Innersprings

Royal-Flex® Innerspring System

Engineered in Switzerland, the Royal-Flex innerspring unit is the finest offset coil spring system available, with 85% more coils than is standard. These open ended, unknotted six turn coils are more flexible, which means greater sensitivity to body contours, overall body support and insures minimum friction. All Royal-Pedic innerspring units are double heat tempered, a process which provides greater durability and resistance to sag. Simply the best.

Royal-Pedic Organic Latex Quilt-Top Mattress

The Royal-Pedic Organic Latex Quilt-Top Mattress & Box Spring Set is Royal Pedic's softest available, yet still provides great support due to its firm lumbar zone which prevents the spine from sinking. The Royal-Pedic Organic Latex Quilt-Top Mattress provides motionless comfort and independent support for varying body weights. Your body will thank you for choosing Royal Pedic's all natural latex core containing 16.5% greater latex distribution and thickness along with ergonomically designed, 7-Zone technology for enhanced shoulder, better hip flexibility and exceptional support to the lower back. The design and incorporation of the 7-Zone all natural latex core was based upon sleep studies at the Kirshgarten Clinic in Basel, Switzerland by Swiss researcher and sleep specialist, Dr. Dietrich Scheider-Helmert. The 7-Zone design was found to provide optimal sleeping comfort and ergonomic support to all parts of the body.

Seven Firmness Zones

  • Ergonomically designed for correct support and uncompromising comfort.
  • Softer upper back and pelvic areas offer pressure point relief and spinal alignment.
  • Firmer lumbar area supports the spine to relieve tension and lower back pain.
Royal-Pedic 7-Zone Latex

Pressure Relaxation Channels

  • Provides flexibility, pressure point relief and spinal alignment when side sleeping.
Royal-Pedic Organic Latex

Special ‘Pin Core’ Construction

  • Enables ventilation of body heat.

Natural Latex Core Harvested from the Rubber Tree

  • Hypoallergenic, hygienic, anti-bacterial and dust mite resistant.

No Mattress Springs

  • Motionless comfort for side-by-side sleepers.

Retains Firmness Levels Regardless of Room Temperature

  • (unlike temperature sensitive foam mattresses)
  • Reliable support and softness; mattress conforms to body contour immediately.

Independent Support for Two People of Varying Weights

  • Maintains a level sleeping surface and less roll-together feel.

Symmetrically Designed

  • Zones are consistent when mattress is rotated head to foot or top to bottom.

Designed for All Heights

  • The length of a person's torso, regardless of their height, is very similar; height is generally determined by the length of the legs.
Royal-Pedic Mattress Comparisons


Royal-Pedic Mattress Manufacturing, LLC warranties its mattresses and box springs to the original consumer purchaser for a non pro-rated period of ten years from the date of purchase against material defects and workmanship. Pillowtop pads are warranted for a non pro-rated period of 5 years.


Royal-Pedic organic mattresses and box spring sets are custom made and are not returnable or refundable for any reason. No cancellations are allowed after an order is placed. According to Federal US Law, an opened and/or used mattress is not resalable and must be destroyed or used for fire testing.