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All IQAir® accessories are designed for outstanding durability and performance. Whether it is the IQAir® PF40 Kit, which can be added to any IQAir® purifier for superior coarse dust filtration, to the IQAir® Mobility 56 Base Extension Kit which optimizes air circulation to any IQAir® unit by increasing the clearance of the purifier. All of the IQAir® accessories are designed to enhance the versatility and functionality of an IQAir® air purifier.

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  1. IQAir OutFlow W125

    IQAir® OutFlow W125

    The IQAir® OutFlow W125 kit allows filtered air from any IQAir Air Purifier filtration device to be directed through a wall or window vent. The IQAir® OutFlow W125 kit can be used to:

    • Create Clean Areas
    • Deliver Filtered Air into Cleanrooms or to the Outside
    • Create Negative Pressure Areas
    • Create Positive Pressure Areas

    Regular Price: $445.00

    Lowest Price: $395.00

  2. IQAir VM FlexVac

    IQAir® VM FlexVac

    The IQAir® VM FlexVac converts any IQAir® air purifier unit into a wall-mounted, self-contained extraction system that allows it to capture fumes, dust and vapors at the source. At a typical air flow rate of 150 cfm, the air velocity within the duct is approximately 12 mph or 17 ft/s.

    The remote control, which is supplied with all IQAir® filtration devices, ensure convenient operability even when the control panel is out of reach. The IQAir® VM FlexVac kit comes with all the hardware needed for mounting to a wall.

    Regular Price: $645.00

    Lowest Price: $595.00

  3. IQAir FlexVac Kit

    IQAir® FlexVac Kit

    The IQAir® FlexVac Kit converts any IQAir® Air Purifier into a mobile self-contained extraction system that allows you to capture gases, fumes, vapors, odors and dust particles directly at their source.

    The FlexVac accessory can be used with any stand-alone IQAir® air purifier.

    Regular Price: $1,295.00

    Lowest Price: $1,195.00

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