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  • Air purifying systems could lead to less housecleaning

    Are fishy odors and dusty surfaces driving you to clean far more often than you normally would? Those who'd prefer to avoid twice-weekly cleaning routines can look into products that will extend the lives of their cleaning jobs.

    Buying a high-quality air purifying system could be a worthy investment for homeowners, as they are highly capable of eliminating gases and odors that lend to a dirty environment as well as large particles such as dust that can visibly accumulate on surfaces.

    FreshAirPro carries the leading brands of purifiers on the market, including the top-rated, best-selling IQAir.

    The IQAir HealthProPlus is ideal for those concerned about health and cleanliness. It's equipped with four advanced filtration technologies that tackle a wide variety of particles and airborne contaminants. Its PreMax Pre-Filter Stage will put dust in its place while the advanced HyperHEPA filtration stage can effectively tackle particles as small as .003 microns in size, compared to .03 microns in standard HEPA filters.

  • Fulfill your resolution of keeping a cleaner home with an air purifier

    If your resolution involves keeping a cleaner home this year, it's as important to have clean, healthy air to breathe as it is to step up your vacuuming routine and get an effective dish-washing schedule under way.

    Dusting and vacuuming frequently can help, but the most effective way to remove airborne contaminants is through a high quality air purifying system. These machines are often tailor-made to suit individual needs and can effectively target a wide range of particles and irritants in your household.

    FreshAirPro carries the leading brands on the market today, including IQAir, its top-rated, best-selling brand.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus is the ideal match for health-conscious individuals who are looking for a broadly ranging, catch-all technology for improving indoor air quality. It comes with four advanced filtration techniques that work together to target dust, pollution, pet dander, gases, odors, smoke, mold and microorganisms. The product uses the HyperHEPA filter, the leading filter of its kind, which boasts a record capacity to catch particles that are as small as .003 microns in size.

  • Get your home off to a fresh star this year with an air purifying system

    A new haircut, updated wardrobe and a brand new list of resolutions can do wonders for your sense of renewal come January, but those who wish to take it the extra mile could consider investing in a high-end air purifying system to ensure that every breath they take in 2011 is as fresh and clean as the last.

    If you're unsure where to look to find such an item, FreshAirPro is the leading provider of the market's top-rated, best-selling air filtration and purifying systems and boasts a high level of customer satisfaction.

    The best bet for those who live with smokers or need to eliminate problematic odors, as well as individuals who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, is the IQAir GC MultiGas. Its advanced filter cartridge design effectively deals with odor and chemical contaminants on the molecular level and features a Class A HEPA Pre-Filter.

    For generic air filtration purposes, the IQAir HealthPro Plus is the number one choice for health-conscious individuals. It combines four different filtration technologies to eliminate dust, pollution, pet dander, gases, smoke, mold and microorganisms, including the professional grade HyperHEPA filter, the leading filter in its class.

  • Equip your hair salon with an air purifying system

    When running a busy hair salon with a high volume of clientele, it may feel as though there are simply not enough hours in the day to consider background details such as the quality of the air inside your establishment.

    Take the worry off your mind by investing in a high-quality air purifying system. It will filter out potential airborne irritants found in the massive amounts of hair products you use on a daily basis, and it'll instantly improve the customer experience, encouraging your clientele to breathe easy and relax.

    FreshAirPro carries the leading brands of air purifiers on the market, including IQAir, the top-rated, best-selling brand of its kind and acclaimed at the Pierre Michel Salon in New York City.

    The IQAir GC AM air purifier is best for dealing with ammonia and other chemicals found in hair dye, though salons that are implementing keratin hair-straightening treatments, the IQAir GC Chemisorber is ideal for tackling fromeldehyde. Its advanced filter cartridge design works like a professional gas mask to deal with harmful chemicals and odors.

  • Wisconsin bars see improved air quality after smoking ban

    Some people may be nostalgic about smoking in bars and restaurants, but there's no denying the substantial health benefits of having clean air in public establishments.

    The Department of Health Services and the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center evaluated the air quality at 200 bars and restaurants both before and after the smoking ban was enacted nearly five months ago, finding that air quality jumped up by as much as 92 percent, reports WISC Madison.

    According to the news source, 21 percent of all establishments statewide had harmful levels of airborne toxins before the ban.

    "I'm glad that customers and employees are now breathing easier in Wisconsin's bars and restaurants," Department of Human Services secretary Karen Timberlak told the news source.

    Those who are concerned about smoke levels in their homes, businesses or schools should consider investing in a high-quality air purifying system. IQAir is the top-rated, best-selling brand on the market, and features a GC MultiGas Air Purifier with an advanced HEPA pre-filter as well as a set of gas and carbon cartridges that operate together like a professional gas mask to filter contaminants on the smallest molecular level.

  • Create a safe and soothing nursery for your impending arrival

    Expectant couples are often flooded with a list of baby items they must buy in the weeks prior to their new babies' arrivals. Cribs, carriages, diapers and clothes are all likely to take precedent at the top of parents' lists.

    However, an air purifying system for their babies' rooms might be essential as well. The equipment will ensure that the air their newborns breathe is safe and clean.

    Clean air is as necessary for the growth and development of a child as good nourishment and proper love and attention, especially during the crucial stages of its first years.

    FreshAirPro offers the leading air purifying brands on the market, including Austin Air's Baby's Breath Air Purifier, which is specifically designed for a baby's room. It's even available in pink or blue. Its HEGA filter and Medical-Grade HEPA filter both work together to eliminate odors, gases, dust and allergens and provide the best protection against airborne contaminants.

    The Baby's Breath system also features a soft noise that's clinically proven to help babies fall (and stay) asleep, resembling the familiar noise of the womb.

  • Got a smoking gun in the room?

    Though you may have personally chosen to avoid cigarettes, no man is an island, nor does he always find that his island's cohabitants have the best health habits.

    If you're living with smokers, you probably already know that no matter how diligent they are about smoking outdoors, the smoke has a way of trailing indoors - through windows, through doors, and even on the smoker's clothing.

    Short of donning a gas mask in your own residence, there are other ways around the issue that will prove beneficial to your health whether or not you're ailed by cigarette fumes.

    Investing in one of FreshAirPro's leading air purifying systems will ensure that you're breathing the cleanest air possible. The IQAir is the highest-rated brand on the market, and it offers various purifying systems including the HealthPro Plus and the GC MultiGas, both ideal for dealing with chemicals and odors caused by cigarette smoke.

    The best selling HealthPro Plus is the number one solution for clearing the air of smoke, dust, pollution, pet dander, mold and other harmful substances on the molecular level.

  • Oklahoma school closed due to mold issues

    Schools make every effort to provide a safe learning environment, but even they are susceptible to air quality issues. The Brassfield 5th and 6th Grade Center in Bixby, Oklahoma, is closed due to mold problems, forcing students and teachers to have class in a nearby facility.

    The school district website released a statement that said air quality experts have been testing the grounds since November and received results Friday that prompted them to recommend closing the school.

    "There's an awful lot of concern with the issue of mold. It can cause some respiratory problems, but that's [with] the minority [of people], not the majority," John Baker of the Tulsa City-County Health Department told, who said measures could include removing sheet rock and carpeting.

    Superintendent Kyle Wood told the news source that crews will use Christmas break to work on fixing the problem with air scrubbers and "intensive carpet cleaning."

    According to Baker, mold tends to surface as a result of excess moisture and faulty ventilation. To prevent a problem that requires such intensive measures to correct, schools, businesses and homeowners alike should consider investing in an air purification system. FreshAirPro carries the leading, highest-rated air purifiers on the market, including best-selling brand IQAir.

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