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  • Georgia to issue ground ozone alerts through October

    As global warming becomes a growing concern, more local governments are doing their part to inform the public of ways they can protect themselves from the effects of pollution.

    Between May and September, ozone forecasting is typically conducted across Georgia to assess ground-level ozone, according to The Weekly. In 2011, the process will begin in April and end in October, giving residents a full seven months of forecasting.

    "We decided to extend ozone forecasting to give people the information they need to make informed choices to better protect their health - as well as to encourage them to take air-friendly actions that will reduce pollution throughout the year," Susan Zimmer-Dauphinee, program manager for the Ambient Monitoring Program, told the news source.

    For homeowners who want to improve the air quality inside of their living spaces, the IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier is the perfect solution. This device has a HyperHEPA filter that is designed to catch air particles from automobiles and smoke while killing bacteria.

    The filter also has a product life of up to four years, requiring little maintenance from its users. It has advanced fan control and a carrying handle for ultimate convenience.

  • More St. Louis residents confusing allergies with the common cold

    During the spring season, many people come down the with the common cold as a result of temperature changes. However, more residents in St. Louis, Missouri, are mistaking colds for seasonal allergies. As temperatures continue to change from extreme heat to brisk weather on a whim, confusion is abundant, according to KPLR-11 News.

    Dr. H. James Wedner, an allergist from the Washington University School of Medicine, told the news station that the unusual weather pattern has many individuals thinking they have caught a cold. In actuality, tree pollen is already present in high concentrated amounts around the region. The allergist described the weather to the news source in one word: "Nuts."  

    "Normally what I do is I take walks in the park because you can look at the trees and you can find out what's been coming on," Wedner told the station. "It's been difficult."

    For allergy sufferers who want to improve the air quality in their homes and breathe a little easier, the IQAir HealthPro Plus can remove over 99 percent of all particulate matter that can contribute to allergy symptoms, including allergens such as pet dander, mold, dust, ragweed and pollen.

  • Colorado residents suffering from early spring pollen

    As spring begins to roll in, many Americans are beginning to feel the side effects of pollen, mold and ragweed floating through the air. In Colorado, dry eyes and itchy noses are abundant, but allergies are only expected to get worse.

    The region has recently experienced dry and windy weather, according to FOX-21 News. In turn, pollen and dust have been tossed into the air and have coated everything from streets to cars. Without rain, these small particles do not wash away. Instead, they cause sneezes and coughs for Americans with seasonal allergies and asthma.

    Robert Nathan, a doctor with Asthma and Allergy Associates in Colorado Springs, says that the cold weather has kept pollen around longerthis season. Allergy season typically begins in March and continues into the fall. Last month, the area saw notably high levels of tree pollen. Grass pollen is expected to kick up as soon as the weather becomes warm enough to start mowing the lawn.

    To avoid itchy eyes and runny noses this spring, families can purchase an air purifier to keep allergens from floating through their homes. The IQAir HealthPro Plus is among the most effective tools for getting rid of pet dander, dust and pollen.

  • HEPA air purifiers helping more Americans enjoy the spring season

    With the spring season comes warm weather and fresh breezes, but small particles in the air cause irritation for millions of allergy sufferers every year. A slight change in daily habits and installing air purifiers around your home can make the spring a more enjoyable experience for you and your family.

    High efficiency particulate air filters, also known as HEPA filters, can catch allergens and prevent them from making their way into the air. By installing an air purifier in your home, you can greatly reduce allergy symptoms caused by spring irritants such as pollen and ragweed.

    Encourage your household to remove their shoes prior to entering the house in order to keep particles from making their way into your home. Oftentimes, allergens will attach themselves to clothing worn outdoors and can be easily tracked inside.

    When you do your spring cleaning for the season, thoroughly vacuum every room and all of your rugs. This will remove any existing particles from the carpet fibers and reduce the possibility of allergic reactions.

    HEPA purifiers are also an efficient way to remove pet dander and germs from the air. To maintain your air quality and breathe a little easier this spring, consider purchasing an air purifier, such as the IQAir HealthPro Plus, for the upcoming season.

  • IQAir CEO: Air pollution a greater concern in North America than radiation from Japan

    In response to a wave of fears and speculation regarding the nuclear crisis in Japan, CEO of IQAir North America Glory Dolphin has spoken out regarding the displacement of our attention to less pressing matters for those of us at home.

    "Considering the miniscule levels of radiation from Japan detected in North America so far, we consider it irresponsible that some companies would take advantage of unwarranted fears of radiation to try to sell products for nuclear fallout at this time," says Dolphin. "The fact is, there are real and powerful killers in the air we breathe every day in the U.S. and Canada. And that's where our attention belongs."

    According to Dolphin, Americans are at far greater risk for developing physical ailments due to the day-to-day pollution levels present in the air we breathe.

    IQAir is at the forefront of technology that can remove these issues, thanks to the top-market quality of its air purifying systems. The best-selling, top-rated IQAir HealthPro Plus combines four advanced filtration technologies to make it one of the best machines of its kind, effectively filtering over 99 percent of all particulate matter from the air and simultaneously removing harmful chemicals, gases and odors.

  • Freshening versus purifying: What's really better for your air?

    The popularity of indoor air freshening products has surged in recent years, thanks especially to innovations such as plug-in candles and odor-neutralizing spray. But are these easy fixes really getting to the heart of the problem?

    "Air fresheners almost never 'freshen' the air," Eco Childs Play reports. "They just mask odors, either with synthetic fragrance or by interfering with your ability to smell by coating your nasal passages with an oil film or releasing a nerve-deadening agent. In rare cases, they will actually break down the offensive odor."

    According to the news source, many air freshening products contain toxic chemicals that can trigger headaches, dizziness, coughing, asthma and other respiratory grievances.

    A much more worthwhile and effective solution would be to install an air purifying system. FreshAirPro carries the leading brands on the market today, equipped to handle a full range of indoor air problems. The combined use of various filter cartridge designs in most of these trusted models effectively removes over 99 percent of all particulate matter from the air, and many machines use activated carbon to strip the air of harmful chemicals and gases.

  • How to tell if your pet has allergies

    Humans are not alone when it comes to the woes of allergy season. According to The Florida Times-Union, our pets can be just as susceptible to seasonal symptoms as humans, and there are ways to tell if your dog or cat is suffering.

    "The most common symptom of allergies in dogs or cats is excessive itching, also called pruritis. Animals may chew, bite, lick or rub their skin more than usual," the news source reports. "Other symptoms include redness on the face, dark-stained areas on the feet from excessive licking, oily skin from constant rubbing and redness inside the ear flaps."

    Purchasing a professional-grade air purifying system may not only be a hidden blessing for our furry friends, but also a welcome relief us, especially if we're prone to pet-related allergies.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus is the ideal choice for allergy-sufferers, health-conscious individuals and, of course, their pets. The HealthPro Plus combines four advanced filtration technologies to effectively clear the air of pollen, dust, dust mites, pet dander, smoke, mold, gases, odors and more.

  • Dayton, Ohio voted worst city for allergy-sufferers

    A new list ranking the allergen and pollution levels of American cities voted Dayton, Ohio, the worst city in the country for those who suffer from allergy symptoms, the Dayton Business Journal reports.

    "Dayton ranks in the top 10 for both spring and fall allergies, making it the all time worst U.S. city for allergy-sufferers based on pollen score, medicine use per patient and board-certified allergists per 10,000 patients," the news source reports.

    While this is certainly bad news for Dayton residents, Americans nationwide have cause to evaluate their own environment in terms of the cleanliness of the air they breathe.

    Many people are turning to high quality air purifying systems to take control of their indoor air environment, improve their respiratory health and boost their overall sense of well-being.

    The top-rated, best-selling brands available from FreshAirPro are a leading choice among consumers for their undeniable reputability, quality and cutting-edge technology. The IQAir HealthPro Plus is one of the only models on the market today to feature a HyperHEPA filter, the most advanced filter of its class.

  • Late-blooming allergies are on the rise

    According to new research, late-blooming allergies are becoming increasingly common among adults and prove to be more likely to turn into life-long conditions for those who develop them. A nationwide survey found that at least half of all Americans have tested positive for allergies, USA Weekend reports.

    "Your body may have a threshold for a particular allergen, such as pollen or animal dander," the news source explains. "First contact increases your sensitivity but may not cause symptoms; with repeated exposure over time, you cross that threshold, and your body reacts."

    With symptoms on the rise, more Americans may consider investing in an air purifying system to help alleviate the effects of seasonal allergies.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus is the ideal choice for health-conscious individuals. This top-rated, best-selling brand combines four advanced filtration technologies to effectively remove over 99 percent of dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold, smoke, gases, odors and other airborne contaminants. Plus, its HyperHEPA filter is the most advanced filter of its kind, capable of filtering particles 10 times smaller than standard HEPA models.

  • With an air purifying system, you can see clearly now too

    Do you miss the clear-sightedness that precedes and follows the spring allergy season? With all kinds of irritants floating around on the breeze, it's not uncommon to see plenty of less fortunate people walking around with red, itchy eyes.

    How does this happen? "Within seconds of histamines flooding your nose, they start getting into the blood supply and irritating surrounding tissue, making your eyes watery, itchy, and bloodshot," Douglas Dawson, M.D., told Women's Health magazine.

    With such an instant reaction to contend with, allergy-sufferers may want to get to the root of the cause with some preemptive measures. Professional-grade air purifying systems remain as one of the most effective antidotes.

    The top-rated, best-selling IQAir HealthPro Plus can be the solution to all of your allergy woes, at least when it comes to your indoor environment. Four advanced filtration technologies work together to effectively tackle over 99 percent of all particulate matter, including pollen, dust, pet dander and mold.

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