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  • Phoenix, Las Vegas named worst cities for ragweed season

    Although pollen is often the main topic of discussion when allergies are mentioned, ragweed is another culprit that causes several breakouts throughout the spring. Recently, Quest Diagnostics released the results of a study aimed at determining which U.S. cities had the highest rates of ragweed and mold allergies.

    Phoenix, Las Vegas and Kansas City were among the worst cities for ragweed and mold-sufferers, according to the data. Miami, San Francisco and Portland were near the bottom of the list with amounts that were three times lower than the cities at the top of the study.

    "Considering that the ragweed season traditionally begins in August, Americans suffering from ragweed allergies should expect a very long summer," said Stanley Naides, the medical director of immunology at Quest Diagnostics.

    Individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies can find relief through air purifiers, which can remove irritating particles from the atmosphere.

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  • Montana residents support EPA regulations for pollution

    Air pollution has long been known to cause a number of health complications and even increase the mortality rate among individuals exposed to toxic chemicals for extended periods of time. However, residents in the Billings, Montana, area have been lucky enough to avoid these complications, thanks to the Clean Air Act.

    Recently, a petroleum and manufacturing industry conglomerate has been pushing Montana legislators to loosen Clean Air Act regulations, claiming that they hurt the economy. However, experts say that the act has saved billions of dollars in healthcare costs that would be related to dangerous respiratory conditions, according to the Billings Gazette.

    A survey conducted by the State of the Rockies Project found that 62 percent of Montana voters support Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

    Individuals living with a respiratory condition in a polluted area may want to consider purchasing an air purifier to help them breathe easier in their living spaces.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus can help remove air pollutants from up to 900 square feet with its HyperHEPA filter. The air purifier is designed to trap particles smaller than 0.3 microns in size, ranging from pollen to cigarette smoke. This may help prevent allergic reactions and future asthma attacks.

  • Rush immunology may eliminate allergic reactions

    Many people aren't crazy about the prospect of receiving injections to temporarily relieve their allergy symptoms, but new research suggests that a flood of shots may be able to get rid of seasonal allergies altogether.

    Recently, Dr. Summit Shah from the Dublin Methodist Hospital found that using rush immunology can help patients prevent allergy symptoms for the upcoming season, according to 10-TV News. The treatment involves receiving a large series of shots to prevent allergic reactions.

    "If you're allergic to, let's say ragweed, which is coming up this fall, if you undergo rush therapy today, by this upcoming fall season, you'll be symptom free," Shah told the news source. "This is a lifelong cure."

    However, there are still helpful options for individuals who want to avoid taking shots altogether. Air purifiers can remove pollen and other irritants from living spaces for easier breathing.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus is one air purifier that can remove ultrafine particles smaller than 0.3 microns through its HyperHEPA filter. Using the device can remove allergens from up to 900 square feet to reduce the possibility of allergic reactions.

  • Environmental group sues EPA for air pollution

    Recently, a number of environmental groups took action in response to the San Joaquin Valley's failure to comply with ozone level standards in California. Earthjustice is threatening to sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for allowing federal standards to fall by the wayside, according to the Hanford Sentinel.

    Ozone is hazardous and can contribute to the development of smog. The American Lung Association recently released a list of the top 10 U.S. cities with the worst air conditions - eight of which were in California.

    "Our children suffer some of the highest asthma rates and our elderly some of the highest rates of heart disease," Kevin Hamilton, a registered respiratory therapist, told the news source. "We've waited long enough for the responsible agencies to do their jobs. We need action and we need it now."

    Individuals who are concerned about the effect pollution might have on their breathing may want to consider purchasing an air purifier. This product can be especially helpful for people with respiratory conditions.

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  • Allergy symptoms commonly confused with sinus infections

    Many people are quick to shrug off sneezing and itchy eyes as signs of an allergic reaction, but research suggests that a majority of individuals often mistake the condition with sinus infections.

    A survey conducted by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) found that out of 621 participants, only 36 percent of allergy sufferers consult a physician for their symptoms. As a result, more people suffer from sinus infections than necessary, according to WebMD.

    "If you have allergy-like symptoms that last longer than 12 weeks, or symptoms that occur more than three times per year, with symptoms usually lasting more than 20 days despite treatment attempts, you may have chronic sinusitis," Mike Tringale, vice president of external affairs at the AAFA, said in a news release.

    Individuals who suffer from allergies throughout the year may want to consider using an air purifier to remove contaminants from their living spaces.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus contains a HyperHEPA filter that can help allergy sufferers remove ultrafine particles smaller than 0.3 microns in size. This includes irritants such as pollen, cigarette smoke and pet dander.

  • Clean Air Transport Rule could cut down on dangerous emissions

    Air pollution has been a concern for decades, but the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently finished drafting a set of regulations to reduce smog as a result of coal power plants. If the White House approves of the new rules, coal plants in Eastern states that exceed the maximum concentration of air contaminants will be required to install new pollution controls, according to The New York Times.

    The White House is expected to announce its decision by June. The regulations, also known as the Clean Air Transport Rule, could dramatically reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. Nitrogen oxides are specifically dangerous because they cause disruptions in the ozone layer that result in ground-level smog.

    Air pollution can negatively affect individuals who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma. However, clean air regulations are helping more people breathe easier across the country.

    An air purifier can help remove dangerous toxins from your home atmosphere. The IQAir HealthPro Plus can trap irritating ultrafine particles smaller than 0.3 microns in size.

    With this air purifier, homeowners can remove everything from cigarette smoke to pollen from up to 900 square feet. The IQAir HealthPro Plus can be especially beneficial to those who are living with asthma.

  • Immunologist claims to be working on allergy vaccination

    Many people receive allergy shots to help them combat seasonal symptoms, but one immunologist in Canada is working to create a vaccine to get rid of the issue altogether.

    Recently, Mark Larche from McMaster University announced that he is working on developing the "next generation allergy shot" to get rid of allergic reactions once and for all, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    "Allergy shots work," Dr. Andrew Saxon, an immunologist at the University of California Los Angeles, told the news source. "The overarching problem is they're dangerous, [not to mention] expensive and slow."

    The vaccines are currently aimed at eliminating ragweed allergies, which affect up to 20 percent of Americans. Cat allergies are also being targeted, which approximately 10 percent of the U.S. population copes with year-round.

    Individuals with allergies may want to consider an air purifier to find relief. The IQAir HealthPro Plus is one device that can remove particles ranging from pollen to pet dander from the air.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus is designed to remove irritants from within 900 square feet using its HyperHEPA filter. This can be beneficial for allergy sufferers and individuals with respiratory conditions as well.

  • Offshore drilling may mean more air pollution in Alaska

    Alaska has been an important source of oil for decades, but lawmakers are attempting to speed up the harvesting process with a new bill. A Republican proposal at the House recently suggested increasing the rate at which companies conduct offshore drilling, according to Bloomberg News. As a result, Alaska residents are raising their eyebrows at the prospect of more air pollution.

    "This bill will create tens of thousands of jobs, increase energy security, and lessen our dependence on foreign oil," Cory Gardner, the representative who proposed the bill, told the news source. "It will add billions of dollars in salary to Alaska and other states over the next several decades, bringing good paying jobs to our country."

    Despite the new job opportunities, many people are becoming vocal about the impact the drilling will have on the atmosphere. For those with respiratory conditions, the situation may become dangerous.

    Individuals who want to keep their living spaces pollution-free may want to consider purchasing an air purifier. The IQAir HealthPro Plus is one product that can remove everything from pollen to cigarette smoke from the air. Its HyperHEPA filter is designed to trap ultrafine particles smaller than 0.3 microns in size that are known to cause irritation and allergic reactions.

  • Wisconsin celebrates Clean Air Month in May

    Many people take clean air for granted, but legislators in Wisconsin recently celebrated Clean Air Month to raise awareness of the benefits. Officials across the state have begun recognizing the month, which was designated as May, in an effort to make residents more conscious of their carbon footprints.

    Wisconsin has seen an admirable amount of success since the Clean Air Act was amended in 1990, according to the Ashland Current. All 11 southeastern Wisconsin counties now meet the one-hour ozone level standard created by the federal government.

    "Cleaner air is a tremendous benefit to families, businesses and government," Cathy Stepp, Department of Natural Resources Secretary, told the news source. "Our clean air and water are one of the reasons businesses and families want to be in Wisconsin and an important component of the high quality of life we enjoy here."

    Individuals who want to keep their living spaces pollution-free may want to consider purchasing an air purifier, such as the IQAir HealthPro Plus.

    The IQAir HealthPro Plus has a HyperHEPA filter designed to trap particles smaller than 0.3 microns in size. This includes dust, pollen and pet dander, all of which can cause allergic reactions.

  • U.S. Senate panel backs future funding for Clean Air Act

    Although the Clean Air Act has seen success since its development in the early 1990s, government officials are considering cutting funding to the legislation that has greatly reduced pollution.

    Recently, a U.S. Senate panel suggested that funding in the future is necessary in order to continue the success that the act has seen during the first five years of its existence. Focusing on cleaner diesel has been a big part of the efficiency of the legislation.

    "These last 10 years have been called the decade of clean diesel: a system of cleaner engines, low-sulfur fuels, and advanced emissions control technologies ultimately deployed for all ranges and types of diesel powered vehicles, equipment and machines," said Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum in support of the act.

    Air pollution is not only disruptive to the environment, but to individuals who suffer from respiratory illnesses.

    Air purifiers can help remove toxic particles from living spaces in a short amount of time. The IQAir HealthPro Plus is an air purifier designed to remove everything from pollen to cigarette smoke from the atmosphere. Its HyperHEPA filter can get rid of ultrafine particles smaller than 0.3 microns in size.

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