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Spring allergies can lead to asthma

The weather is finally beginning to warm up and bring touches of spring to all corners of the U.S. While this is good news for many, others may be concerned about the possibility of spring allergies wreaking havoc on their lifestyles. This is a relatively normal worry for millions, but experts say that these instances of allergies may be causing asthma flare ups in individuals. 

"Last year, because the pollen counts were so high and the allergy seasons were bad, I had my allergy patients, who've never had asthma symptoms before, get them," Dr. Rachel Szekely of the Cleveland Clinic told KABC News. "So now they have a new diagnosis of asthma." 

Allergies are a common trigger for asthma, leaving many patients to deal with a whole new realm of respiratory problems. Szekely noted that people with asthma are very sensitive to irritants in the air, and allergy season brings these out in full force. Luckily, individuals can turn to medical-grade devices like the IQAir HealthPro Plus for help. This HEPA air purifier clears the air of a wide variety of irritants and allergens, making it easier to breathe and find relief during the spring season.