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Third-hand smoke can cause serious health problems, study shows

The dangers of second-hand smoke have been well publicized, but what about other forms of the chemical infiltrating the air? According to a new study from the American Chemical Society, there is such a thing as third-hand smoke, and it could be posing a serious health problem to people around the U.S. 

Third-hand smoke is the leftover smoke that sticks to walls and furniture. While some may simply view this odor as an annoyance, it could actually be a significant threat to personal health - especially to the well-being of children. Young kids may be putting smoke-infused items and toys into their mouths, exposing them to a range of harmful toxins. 

The ACS found that this third-hand smoke, when mixed with other chemicals and pollutants, could form a carcinogen. Not only is cancer a threat, but the compounds may also lead to genetic mutations. 

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