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New EPA rule may improve air quality

Air quality in and around cities has been a contentious issue recently, and many organizations are taking steps to improve their emissions to reduce the harm done to the environment. Most recently, the federal government has called for a change that will require sulfur to be removed from gasoline, which in turn will cut back on pollutants and smog from vehicles. 

According to Bloomberg, this move will enhance the air quality and allow spaces to meet new health standards. While it will be expensive to implement, the benefits may outweigh this cost, especially in areas that are in close proximity to major cities and heavily trafficked areas. 

"There are going to be significant health benefits for New Jersey and its urban communities, which are particularly hard-hit by asthma cases," Chuck Fineberg, chairman of the New Jersey Clean Cities Coalition, told 

Individuals do not have to wait for this rule change to go into effect to begin improving their air quality. Professional-grade devices like the IQAir GC MultiGas can clear the air of a wide variety of irritants, including smoke and chemicals that commonly aggravate people with respiratory issues. This one step can significantly improve the air of an indoor space.