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Millions die due to air pollution each year

Places all over the world are suffering from poor air quality, and that smog impacts all types of people. The World Health Organization recently released estimates stating that 7 million people died as a result of air pollution in 2012. That accounts for about 1 in 8 total global deaths. 

Those staggering numbers underscore that air pollution is a major problem facing the world's population. In fact, the WHO claimed it is the single biggest environmental health risk facing the planet today, as it could lead to the onset of strokes, heart disease and cancer. Taking steps to improve the air quality could make a significant difference, potentially saving millions of lives. 

"Cleaning up the air we breathe prevents noncommunicable diseases as well as reduces disease risks among women and vulnerable groups, including children and the elderly," said Dr. Flavia Bustreo, a WHO assistant director. "Poor women and children pay a heavy price from indoor air pollution since they spend more time at home breathing in smoke and soot from leaky coal and wood cook stoves." 

The massive changes required to improve the air quality around the world begin with individual efforts. Embracing environmentally friendly practices is key, but those who want to enhance the air they breathe in the meantime may consider investing in HEPA air purifiers. Products like the IQAir GC MultiGas clear the air of a wide variety of pollutants, which can greatly improve indoor air quality.