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Improve the air inside a car and a home

When most people are attempting to improve the air around them, they focus their efforts on steps like adding a home air purifier to an indoor space or reducing the emissions produced by their vehicles. While investing in a medical-grade device such as the IQAir GC MultiGas is ideal for clearing the air of chemicals, there are some additional steps that will improve the environment. 

One area drivers will want to pay attention to is their vehicles' air filters. This is a key component of any car, as it cleans the incoming air while removing allergens and similar particles. Most experts know to check and replace this gear regularly, but drivers can easily lose sight of the importance of this step - something that could cause problems in the long run. 

"A dirty or clogged cabin air filter can cause contaminants to become so concentrated in the cabin that passengers actually breathe in more fumes and particles when riding in the car than when walking down the street," said Rich White, the executive director of the Car Care Council. "With allergy season quickly approaching, replacing the cabin air filter is a simple way for you and your passengers to breathe easier while driving." 

Taking steps to enhance the air indoors is great for the health and well-being of individuals, but the effort does not stop there. By improving the function of a car and its air filter, drivers can ensure they are breathing easier even when they leave the home.