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Asthma patients may be overmedicating, study shows

People with asthma often need medications, inhalers and other treatments to make it through the day. According to Science World Report, a recent study found that many of these medications may actually be harming individuals.

Overusing these treatments can lead to dependence on inhalers, and it may also weaken bones or cause other health risks, the news source reported. Related health problems could include cataracts and negative effects on blood pressure. It may also drive up personal costs for patients. 

"We need to find a way to help patients control their asthma, without overmedicating them," said Dr. John Mastronarde, the director of the Asthma Center at Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center, as quoted by Live Science. "...  Once you get the symptoms under control, sometimes both the patient and the doctor just leave the patient on whatever they are on, because they don't want it to get worse again." 

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