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Weather patterns may lead to early allergy season

Most people with allergies dread the period of spring when the temperature begins warming up, as it leads to bunches of pollen and other allergens floating through the air. While this is largely unavoidable, it is also predictable, as those diagnosed with allergies know what to expect when they step outdoors. However, the strange weather patterns that have been present this winter may be bringing the allergies around earlier in the year. 

According to WTOP News, the up-and-down weather experienced by much of the country may cause some plants to begin pollinating early. Because the polar vortex brought freezing temperatures to the bulk of the U.S., including areas that don't typically get that cold, plants may have already had the necessary chilling period. Once the weather begins improving, these plants may start producing pollen. 

Although the bulk of the worst allergy days may still be slated for later in the spring, individuals with allergies should be aware of the challenges they face when they step outside. 

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