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Don't stir up allergens during spring cleaning

The end of winter is in sight - barely - which means people are looking forward to the start of spring. Of course, the launch of this season encourages many to conduct their annual spring cleaning. This intense scrubbing may leave some more comfortable in their homes, but for those with allergies, swirling up dust and irritants can do more harm than good. 

Whether it is sweeping, dusting, remodeling, moving around furniture or anything else, typical spring cleaning activities stir up dust and other particles that have been lying dormant in hidden spaces around a home. Even the most diligent of cleaners may stumble across patches of dust, and with no surefire way to capture all of these irritants, there is a good chance some wind up circulating between rooms. For anyone with allergies or similar respiratory problems, these particles can do major damage. 

Cleaning does not have to have annoying side effects. Individuals who invest in air purifiers such as the IQAir HealthPro Plus are able to clear the air of a wide variety of irritants throughout the year, saving time during spring cleaning sprees while also making it easier to breathe.