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Don't let asthma prevent exercise

Living with asthma can be difficult, but sometimes exercising and engaging in a healthy lifestyle can be even harder. Working out is a vital part of personal well-being and can actually improve the overall quality of life for asthmatics, but figuring out how to reach that level comfortably is not easy. 

Still, exercising outdoors can be done safely. The Tampa Bay Times recommends making a concentrated effort to breath through the nose and stresses the importance of staying hydrated. Anytime there is a high pollen level, which may make it more difficult to breathe, avoid exercising outside in the morning, which is typically the harshest time of day. Additionally, participating in activities that require shorter spurts of energy, such as swimming or biking, are generally better for asthmatics than pastimes that focus on endurance. 

Those individuals with a makeshift gym in their home may want to consider placing an air cleaner purifier indoors. Options such as the IQAir HealthPro Plus are capable of clearing the air of many different allergens and irritants, and the resulting atmosphere could be ideal for a workout.