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Car idling hurts air quality

Most people are aware that their automobiles can have an impact on air quality. Although the bulk of the harmful emissions may come from factories or manufacturing plants, a significant amount can be traced back to passenger vehicles. While some individuals have made the move to green cars to be more environmentally friendly, simply reducing the amount of idling done in a vehicle could also have positive effects. 

It is not uncommon for drivers to allow vehicles time to warm up before hitting the road, especially in the colder months when motorists want to wait for the heat to make the car more comfortable. However, studies have shown that this practice contributes to air pollution. 

"If you are going out, try to do all of your errands in two or three stops, then come home and turn your car off," Louis Cooper, director of environmental health for Weber-Morgan Health Department, told the Standard-Examiner. "You will help to improve the air quality." 

Cutting back on idling is just the first step. Individuals can work to make their environments more hospitable by investing in a professional-grade home air purifier. The IQAir GC MultiGas, for example, can clear a wide variety of irritants and pollutants out of the air, creating a more comfortable indoor space.