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Air pollution may cause neurological problems, research shows

There are many risks associated with air pollution, but exposure to these harmful particles could be more severe than previously thought. 

A panel at the recent American Association for the Advancement of Sciences conference discussed the concept that breathing in air pollution could lead to medical issues involving the brain. Researchers noted that constant exposure to pollution can enlarge the brain's ventricles, a condition that is commonly found in individuals with neurological disorders like autism or schizophrenia. 

Although more research needs to be done to see if pollution could lead to these problems, people who are consistently breathing in smaller, dangerous particles could be facing significant threats to their health. 

"The component people worry about the most are the smallest particles – the ultrafine particles," Dr. Deborah Cory-Slechta, organizer of the panel, told "And the reason is because those go all the way down into the bottom of the lung. Once they get to the bottom of the lung, they can be absorbed into the blood stream."

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