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Wildfires now could hurt air quality in the future, study shows

Anyone who has paid attention to the news in recent years may have noticed an uptick in the number of stories regarding wildfires. While these hazards are obviously detrimental to the environment and the safety of the inhabitants of these areas, they could have long-term effects on individual health and overall air quality, as well. 

A recent study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology found that the wildfires pose an additional threat to life in the areas in which they are present, as they can affect future air quality and personal health. According to the research, by the year 2100 emissions from wildfires in California could increase anywhere from 19 to 101 percent compared to current levels. 

For now, citizens who want to do their part to prevent wildfires will have to be careful how they are treating the environment so as to avoid unintentionally starting a blaze. Still, not every wildfire is preventable, leaving many to deal with the challenges of pollution and smoke in the air. Medical-grade home air purifiers such as the IQAir GC MultiGas can be a big help in this regard, as it is capable of clearing the air of many irritants and chemicals.