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Many citizens concerned about poor air quality

Although steps are being taken to reduce emissions and pollution throughout the U.S., many smaller areas are still facing uphill battles when it comes to cleaner air. Indoors, some individuals are turning to medical-grade devices such as the IQAir GC MultiGas to ensure the air they breathe is clear of many irritants and pollutants. Unfortunately, that won't help improve the outdoors. 

In Utah, many citizens are anxious about the quality of the air. The Salt Lake Tribune conducted a survey that found more than two-thirds of residents favor stricter air pollution regulations. Additionally, nearly 60 percent of respondents are more concerned about the air quality than they were five years ago, and more than 60 percent would be willing to change their driving habits to improve the atmosphere. 

"The growing concern in the public is understandable," Amanda Smith, director of the Utah Department of Environmental Health, told The Salt Lake Tribune. "We know more, there is more health data, [and] more studies showing the real and serious impacts of poor air quality." 

It's not only Utah natives who are concerned. reported that visitors to the state were deterred by the poor air, particularly in Salt Lake City, where the major airport is located. Several of those travelers said the pollution would cause them to think twice about moving to or visiting the region.