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High-fiber diet may ward off asthma

When it comes to dealing with asthma, individuals plagued with the condition have several treatment options to choose from. Traditional medications, which include the use of inhalers, as well as making lifestyle changes, are among the most common. Many patients choose to complement their treatment with the use of a medical-grade home air purifier such as the IQAir HealthPro Plus

Although all of these treatments may provide some kind of relief for people with asthma, a new study shows that a dietary change may be one way to prevent this condition. The latest research found that a high-fiber diet triggers a change in the body, making an individual less prone to inflammation of the airway, according to Science magazine. 

This one simple change affected the way the body produces immune cells in bone marrow, which in turn impacted inflammation of tissue. The end result was relief for individuals with asthma, as well as various positive changes for those with similar inflammatory diseases. 

A diet rich in fiber may be the first step on the road to lessening the impact of asthma or even preventing it completely, but that is not the only action that may make life easier for individuals. Air purifiers can clear a space of a wide variety of irritants, making it easier for people with respiratory illnesses to get through the day.