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Electric vehicles won't impact air pollution, study shows

When it comes to decreasing pollution and improving air quality, there are many steps that can be taken by individuals. In recent years, a popular choice was to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle, as these automobiles do not run on gas or emit exhaust. However, a recent study from North Carolina State University found that these vehicles may not be as effective as drivers are led to believe. 

According to the research, even a large increase in the use of electric cars by the year 2050 would not significantly reduce pollution emissions. This could be attributed to the fact that power plants must be used to manufacture the vehicles, and emissions from cars on the road contribute only a small amount to overall pollution rates. 

"From a policy standpoint, this study tells us that it makes more sense to set emissions reductions goals, rather than promoting specific vehicle technologies with the idea that they'll solve the problem on their own," said Dr. Joseph DeCarolis, senior author of the study. 

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