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Distinguish between winter allergies and illnesses

It's not uncommon for people around the U.S. to be plagued with illnesses throughout the winter months. Perhaps the most prevalent problems include cold and flu, but the symptoms associated with these may overlap or be confused with allergies. 

KVUE News reported that a combination of allergens, viruses, influenza, bronchitis and similar issues may cause people to be confused about their diagnosis. After all, many of these problems have similar symptoms, and it is easy to mix them up if an individual is not sure what is happening with his or her body.

The main difference between allergies and health concerns like the flu is that allergies will often lead to itchy, watery eyes. This is rarely the case with colds or the flu, which are instead more likely to lead to coughing, sore throat and general fatigue. 

No matter what issues are impacting an individual in the winter, there are ways to find relief. Many turn to professional-grade devices like the IQAir HealthPro Plus. This home air purifier is capable of clearing the air of a wide variety of common irritants, which can make it easier to breathe. The right air filter may even help rid a space of dust and other annoyances that frequently cause sicknesses.