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Asthma treatment should be personalized

Asthma can be incredibly difficult to live with, especially if the standard treatments interfere with personal habits or a certain lifestyle. One recent study found that personalized asthma treatments can go a long way toward improving an individual's overall health, especially with regard to related illnesses, often called comorbidities. 

According to medwireNews, health issues such as cardiovascular disease and depression are commonly associated with asthma patients. The complicated needs associated with asthma treatment may make it difficult to adapt to other problems or medications, and could leave individuals susceptible to additional complications. 

"Further research is needed to gain insight into the mechanisms underlying the observed independent association between asthma and various other chronic diseases - in particular cardiovascular conditions and depression - and to identify the specific health care needs of patients with asthma in the presence of specific comorbidities," the study authors wrote, as quoted by medwireNews. 

One way to make strides toward improving the status of asthma is to invest in home air purifiers that enhance an indoor atmosphere. These medical-grade devices, including options like the IQAir HealthPro Plus, can clear the air of a wide variety of irritants and allergens that would otherwise cause respiratory issues for individuals. When used as part of a personalized treatment plan, these air filters can be a huge advantage.