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Researchers focus on new ways to treat asthma

There are many factors that go into diagnosing and treating asthma. For example, one recent study examined the role that obesity plays with the condition, as patients with obesity are more likely to respond poorly to traditional asthma medications. The research, which was conducted at Boston's Children Hospital, emphasized the idea that obese individuals may need alternate or nontraditional asthma treatments. 

"Since it's been a puzzle to understand why obesity predisposes people to asthma, our goal was to find the connection between these two problems, which occur in both children and adults, and to explore possible new treatments," said Dr. Dale Umetsu, one of the leads of the study. 

The study found that obesity altered an individual's immune system, affecting the way in which it responded to medical treatments. Inflammation of the lungs was a common symptom, and this was often resistant to common asthma medications, leaving patients struggling to find relief. While more research needs to be done to determine the best course of action, this was a step in the right direction to identify an area of need. 

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