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Environmental factors could lead to heart defects in children

Parents typically go above and beyond to keep their children safe, and often that extends to actions like purchasing a home air purifier. These devices, especially high-end models like the IQAir GC MultiGas, are effective at clearing the air of a wide variety of irritants and pollutants, which makes them ideal choices for people eager to breathe easier in a home. However, the benefits of these air filters may go beyond comfort, as environmental toxins can play a large role in children's health. 

According to recent research presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2013, congenital heart defects are more likely to develop in children whose mothers were exposed to certain environmental toxins during pregnancy. While these defects may also be caused by genetic factors, the latest studies have shown a correlation between pollutants in the air with those toxins mostly stemming from metals and organic compounds commonly found in factory settings. 

"Although still in the early stage, this research suggests some chemical emissions - particularly, industrial air emissions - may be linked to heart abnormalities that develop while the heart is forming in the womb," said Dr. Deliwe P. Ngwezi, one of the researchers involved with the study.