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Eastern states are affected by Midwest pollution

Air quality may differ by region, but a large influence on one area's pollution may be the manufacturing going on hundreds of miles away. According to The New York Times, states along the East Coast are suffering, as the wind carries polluted air from the Midwest, and to battle this problem many of the Eastern regions are planning on petitioning the Environmental Protection Agency to enforce stricter regulations. 

The eight states, including New York, Connecticut and Maine, have historically had more rules regarding air pollution. They want the rest of the country to implement these regulations as well, as the pollution from Midwest factories, coal-powered plants and traffic are affecting quality of life across the country. 

"Maine has more of a stake than most states with these laws because of our geography," Ed Miller, senior vice president for policy at the American Lung Association of the Northeast, told The Portland Press Herald. "And we have higher rates of lung disease, higher rates of asthma and we have a larger older population that tends to be more susceptible to air pollution." 

While most residents will have to wait to see the outcome of these petitions, they can take steps to improve the air in their own homes. Air purifiers like the IQAir GC MultiGas can go a long way toward making it easier to breathe indoors.