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Air pollution linked to autism, study shows

There are several well-known health risks associated with air pollution, but some may go beyond allergies or respiratory issues. A recent study from researchers at the University of Southern Carolina, set to be published in the journal Epidemiology, found that exposure to air pollution increases the risk for autism among those individuals who have a genetic disposition for the disorder. 

Although genetics are a major factor, air pollution and other environmental factors clearly play a role in the development of autism. Numerous studies have shown a relationship between air pollution and autism, and this is one of the first to focus on the instances specific to individuals with a genetic marker for the condition. 

"Our research shows that children with both the risk genotype and exposure to high air pollutant levels were at increased risk of autism spectrum disorder compared to those without the risk genotype and lower air pollution exposure," said Dr. Heather E. Volk, the study's author, as quoted by Medical Xpress. 

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