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Transport trains may cause air pollution

Many Americans know that with cold winter weather comes an increased use of heating methods. That means that many individuals need coal, oil and other types of fuel to keep their spaces warm, and before they can get these resources they need to wait to have fuel products shipped to a given location - a process that may hurt the environment. 

A recent study from a research group at the University of Washington looked at how the transport of these heating materials affected the environment. They found that there is a large increase in the amount of coal dust in the air when trains pass, which leads to significant spikes in pollution in areas near train tracks. 

One of the unique aspects of this study was that it was entirely funded by outside individuals who wanted to know the results. With hundreds of people donating more than $20,000 to the effort, it is clear that many Americans are concerned about the air quality around their homes. Some may turn to home air purifiers like the IQAir GC MultiGas to improve the environment within a home, but that is only a small part of bettering the atmosphere.