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States focus on climate change, reducing pollution

The effects of air pollution on health have been well documented, and recent reports about some of the more intense consequences have sent individuals searching for home air filters. Although investing in a medical-grade product like the IQAir GC MultiGas can get rid of many chemicals and pollutants, widespread and comprehensive actions are needed, which is why some states along the West Coast are striving for change. 

Governors from California, Oregon and Washington recently met with the Canadian premier of British Columbia to talk about climate change and pollution. These leaders are aiming to reduce carbon pollution and greenhouse gas omissions in their respective regions while also emphasizing the adaptation of zero-emission vehicles. The hope is that these efforts will lessen the impact on the environment and improve the health of residents - a prospect that could save millions of dollars in the long run. 

"Nearly 30,000 hospital admissions and ER visits could have been avoided over the two-year period, with resulting savings of about $193 million," the RAND Corporation reported, as quoted by The Washington Post. "Because public insurers such as Medicare and Medi-Cal paid most of the pollution health care bill, they have a lot to gain from cleaner air."