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Prenatal exposure to pollutants may cause asthma

The effect of air pollution on unborn children is the subject of a lot of current research. One of the latest studies found that children who are exposed to chemicals while in the womb are more likely to develop asthma by the time they turn 20 years old, according to Scientific American. 

This isn't the first research to look at the effect pollution has on unborn children. Previously, scientists at Columbia University conducted a similar study that showed pregnant women who are exposed to air pollution could be putting children at risk for anxiety or depression, Time magazine reported. 

"Our study provides new evidence that prenatal exposures to these air pollutants, at levels commonly encountered in New York City and other urban areas, may adversely affect child behavior," said Dr. Frederica Perera, one of the Columbia researchers, as quoted by the news source. 

To help prevent asthma and similar health problems from impacting a child's life, many adults will want to invest in medical-grade air purifiers. These devices, such as the IQAir GC MultiGas, are capable of clearing the air of a wide variety of irritants, including second-hand smoke, cooking smells, chemicals and more. While these investments are not a guarantee that asthma won't become a problem later in life, they could provide a healthy advantage for many children.