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California to track freeway emissions

With so many studies releasing findings about the health impact of living near areas of heavy traffic, people across the U.S. are beginning to pay more attention to vehicle emissions. That is certainly true in Southern California, where the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is collected data regarding the air quality around freeways to measure pollution from traffic. 

"This is a much-needed step to give us critical information to know how dirty the air is where people are breathing it," Frank O'Donnell, president of the advocacy group Clean Air Watch, told The Press-Enterprise. 

Although California is set to track freeway emissions, there are no regulations for indoor settings. That makes it difficult for homeowners to track the air quality of their homes and make improvements that could help them breathe easier. For that reason, many people choose to invest in high-end home air purifiers like the IQAir GC MultiGas, which is capable of clearing the air of smoke, chemicals and similar pollutants. 

Until the day it is possible to track all vehicle emissions and indoor air quality, homeowners may have to take measures to improve the environment in their personal space, and investing in a home air filter is a solid first step.