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Allergies may migraines worse, study shows

On the outside, it may seem like migraines and allergies are two unrelated, yet equally annoying, issues. However, a recent study from the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center found that people who suffer from allergies could have worse headache symptoms, especially for those individuals who experience migraines. 

The research, which was published in the journal Cephalagia, showed that headache frequency was 33 percent greater in people who had allergies and migraines, compared to just migraines. Those individuals who had allergies triggered by pet dander, pollen or other airborne irritants suffered the worst. They were 45 percent more likely to experience frequent headaches and 60 percent more likely to have debilitating headaches. 

"We are not sure whether the rhinitis causes the increased frequency of headaches or whether the migraine attacks themselves produce symptoms of rhinitis in these patients," said Dr. Vincent Martin, the lead author of the study. "What we can say is if you have these symptoms, you are more likely to have more frequent and disabling headaches." 

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