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Allergies linked to certain cancers in women

Many people consider airborne allergies to be little more than annoyances. Whether individuals are allergic to pollen, dust or some other type of airborne irritants, they often are able to manage their reactions and continue on with their lives without interruptions. However, a recent study shows a history of airborne allergies in women may be linked to an increased risk of blood cancer. 

The research, published in the American Journal of Hematology, found that the immune system potentially plays a role in the development of cancer in women. Individuals who were allergic to plants, grass and trees were shown to have the strongest link between allergies and the risk of blood cancers. 

"However, hormonal effects on the immune system and interactions with carcinogens may offer an alternative biological explanation that will require further mechanical studies, in particular if our findings are replicated in an independent study cohort," said the study authors. 

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