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Young families may want to invest in air filters

Families that have recently welcomed a baby likely have their hands full with caring for their bundle of joy. Keeping these young children safe and healthy becomes incredibly important, but one area that new parents may be overlooking is how their pets affect children. 

Fur and dander from pets may be irritating to a young child whose immune system is in development. While families will need to take measures to prepare an animal for an addition to the family, they also can try a few other practices that will improve the health of an entire family. 

People with both pets and infants will want to take steps to ensure the health of both. This is one area where home air purifiers can be a major advantage. Professional-grade devices like the IQAir HealthPro Plus are ideal for individuals with allergies - or even young children who may have allergies or bad reactions of which parents may be unaware. 

Another issue growing families need to be aware of is how allergy medication can affect pregnancy. Expectant mothers may have to alter their medications - a concept that can be daunting for individuals with pet allergies. This is yet another area where a home air filter can come in handy, as it makes it easier to breathe indoors without taking extreme measures.