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Vacuums found to produce harmful dust

Most homeowners think that vacuuming helps to keep their homes clean. While the action may help improve the appearance of a room, it could be causing some health issues to inhabitants. A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Queensland and Laval University found that vacuums create an aerosolized dust containing harmful bacteria and mold. 

Published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, the study claims that the vacuum dust carries mold and bacteria, some of which carried antibiotic resistance genes or toxin genes. This dust can be extremely irritating for infants or people with allergies or respiratory issues, and it may even be the source of unsolved medical problems. 

"Our results show that although vacuum operation is typically brief, vacuum emissions can release appreciable quantities of human-derived bacteria," researcher wrote in the study. "Such emissions could potentially lead to inhalation of infectious or allergenic aerosols." 

Instead of giving up vacuuming out of fear of this dust, homeowners may want to invest in a professional-grade product that will work to clear the air of a wide variety of toxins and vapors. Air purifiers like the IQAir GC MultiGas are an excellent option for those who want to breathe easy in their own home.