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Sleep better to improve allergies and health

Individuals who have invested in home air purifiers can reap the benefits of breathing cleaner air. For many, that often results in better sleep quality, as they are able to rest without worrying about irritants and other disruptions. Getting the right amount of rest is important for more than just productivity and mood, however.

A recent study conducted by the University of Helsinki found that insufficient sleep increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Those who don't get adequate sleep often have mechanisms within their immune system falter, causing an inflammatory response in the body that can result in diseases. 

"These results corroborate the idea that sleep does not only impact brain function, but also interactions with our immune system and metabolism," said researcher Vilma Aho. "... Some of these changes appear to be long-term and may contribute to the development of diseases that have been linked to sleep deprivation." 

Because sleep is so important for a healthy lifestyle, individuals should be doing everything they can to improve their nightly habits. Purchasing a high-end purifier like the IQAir HealthPro Plus is a wise investment, as it can rid many of the allergens that irritate individuals in the home.